Kimberly Costello’s Beading Studio Is Small but Charming

Kimberly Costello’s “Pop” Goes the Needle beaded needle case is featured in the October/November 2018 issue of Beadwork. Kimberly shared her beading studio with us, which is small but charming. Check out her adorable workspace!

Kimberly’s Beading Studio

Q: Where is your beading space located?
A: I recently set up in a small area in my living room for my beading work. It’s actually a multipurpose type of craft area that contains all of my crafting supplies, because I also enjoy other types of crafts. However, I usually find it most comfortable to just sit on the floor in front of my coffee table and bead while I’m watching TV!

beading studio

Kimberly’s workspace. Photo by Kimberly Costello.

Q: How is your workspace organized?
A: My desk, which has plenty of light sources, stores my most-often used tools and beads. I have a small antique cabinet that I decorated with beaded spools as drawer knobs — this is where I keep all of my Delica beads. I store the rest of my beads and supplies in one of my closets.

beading studio

Antique cabinet with beaded drawer pulls. Photo by Kimberly Costello.

Pros and Cons

Q: What do you love about your beading space?
A: The thing I love most is that I actually have a beading space! It took me a while to finally set up an area solely for my beading supplies. I’m much more organized than I was, which is important when you’re trying to find that perfect shade of blue bead!

Q: What would you change about your studio?
A: Someday, I’d love to have an entire room for a beading studio to do all of my work — with plenty of windows!

Light It Up

Q: What’s your favorite beading tool?
A: I don’t know what I’d do without my OttLite. Good lighting is essential to good beading. It makes all the difference in a well-made piece.

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beading studio

“Pop” Goes the Needle beaded needle cases. Photo by George Boe.

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Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Featured Image: Kimberly Costello and one of her bead storage cabinets. Photos by Kimberly Costello.

Find Kimberly’s “Pop” Goes the Needle design in the October/November 2018 issue and subscribe to Beadwork for more fun projects and bead artist profiles!

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