Jewelry Stringing Submissions: Behind the Scenes

Hard to believe, but while the rest of the world celebrated the first day of spring last week, here at Jewelry Stringing we were busy making selections for our fall issue.

As you can see here, every surface was filled with beautiful jewelry. Tabletops.  Windowsills. Furniture. You get the picture–we receive a lot of pieces to consider! It's a tough job, but hey, somebody's got to do it!

If you've ever considered submitting some of your jewelry, here are a few tips:

1. Take advantage of the early submissions process. Simply email a clear photo of your jewelry to by the due date spelled out in the guidelines on our web site. The editors will let you know whether to send it in for further consideration by the actual submissions due date.

2. Remember to keep it fairly simple. Jewelry Stringing publishes pieces that use basic stringing, wireworking, and knotting techniques. Save the bead stitching for our sister publication, Beadwork!

3. Submit your original designs. We never accept projects that have already been published in another magazine, book, web site, etc.  And we encourage you to use new or unusual beads and findings, or try to incorporate stringing materials other than beading wire (leather, linen, ribbon, and so on).

4. Adhere to the submissions guidelines, paying attention to the section themes for the particular issue. For example, for the fall issue, we were looking for multi-strand necklaces, and pieces that use a clasp as a focal, oversized beads, cord, or earth-tone colors.

5. Take notes as you work. When designing pieces for the magazine, I find it helpful to take notes on the specific materials I use and the specific steps I've taken to complete the piece. This makes it easier to write the step-by-step instructions at a later date.

Visit the "Resources" tab on our web site for the contributor guidelines, deadlines, and issue themes. The guidelines are very thorough and will walk you through the submissions process.

You just may find that the hardest thing about submitting is coming up with designs for our winter issue just as we're about to settle into the warmest months of the year!

Happy creating!


Debbie Blair

Managing Editor

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