Jewelry Projects for Kids

cooper1Lately, I’ve heard a lot about art education programs being cut from school districts. This topic has been so relevant in my life, I believe, for two reasons: 1) art was continuously my favorite subject in school and one I will forever be passionate about, and 2) most of my friends have now become teachers and are experiencing this first-hand. For both of these reasons, I feel strongly about the importance of arts and crafts for children. Despite what happens with these programs within schools, I find it just as crucial to introduce these hobbies at home. Which is why I was thrilled when artist, Candie Cooper, filmed two videos where she teaches jewelry projects for kids.

cooper2cooper3In her videos, Rainy Day Projects with Candie Cooper and Birthday Parties with Candie Cooper, children will bead-along with Candie to make basic jewelry projects that fuel artistic outlets and inspire creativity for life. The ingenious jewelry projects taught in these videos (including decoupage beads, earrings made of colorful wire, and knotted, macramé, and rubber band bracelets) can be tailored for both boys and girls. Whether you’re wanting to host a birthday party or entertain children on a rainy day, Candie’s videos are the perfect tool to bring art education into your own home.

~Megan Lenhausen
Assistant Editor
Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork magazines


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