Jewelry Making Inspiration From the Abbey

It's back! The latest season of Downton Abbey has finally started airing in the U.S., and to be honest with you, this time around, I find myself caring less about what's actually happening on the show than I do about what everyone is wearing. The show's timeline is now well into the 1920s, and I absolutely love all the period dresses and jewelry worn by the female characters!

Jewelry styles in the 1920s got bolder, along with just about everything else in women's fashion at the time. Women's dresses and skirts no longer reached the floor, and women started to (*gasp*!) bare their arms. Fabrics like cotton and wool were popular, along with a new synthetic silk called rayon. Women's hair got shorter, too, as the popular "bob" hairstyle completed the look of the "modern woman" following World War I.

The 1920s were the decade when the world was introduced to the fashions and sensibilities of CoCo Chanel, one of the first leading fashion designers for women who rejected the corset (thank goodness!) and started putting women in pants that were similar to menswear.

And while wealthy society women (like the Crawley family of Downton Abbey) were still expected to change from a morning dress into an afternoon tea dress, these tea gowns were cut looser to allow more movement, featured long, flowing sleeves, and were very often adorned with ribbons and sashes made of silk or velvet.

But the jewelry! I love the jewelry styles of the 1920s, and while I've never been particularly drawn to understated beaded jewelry, I love the elegance and design of beaded jewelry of the flapper era. I was inspired to look through my own stash of beaded jewelry and find a few pieces that reflect the lovely design sensibilities of the roaring 20s!

I created this beaded necklace using a set of vintage-style brass findings, crystals, and a sweet heart-shaped clasp. These kyanite gemstone drops looked perfect with the sapphire blue crystal bicones and brass seed beads! I had a lot of fun matching up these freshwater pearls with some Czech fire polished beads and some rich-looking seed beads.

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Is there a particular era of fashion that inspires your beadwork? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share it with us!

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