Jewelry-Making Classes and Everything You Need to Know about Interweave’s Online Workshops

When was the last time you tried something new? Most of us stick to the same techniques and colors because it can be daunting to branch out, especially without any guidance. However, that doesn’t have to be the case! Get out of a creative rut and try a variety of new techniques with the help of experts in the field. Explore dozens of jewelry-making classes at the click of a button with Interweave’s Bead & Jewelry Workshops Subscription, with new courses added every month!

Whether you’re just beginning, an intermediate, or more advanced jewelry maker, beader, or crafter, or even if you want to try out a new technique or medium, Interweave offers a variety of courses, from the basics, including how to bead and solder, to advanced and expert-level courses. Many of the courses focus on technique and tools specific to the craft. Beyond technique, there are also courses to help you replicate a pattern or project, along with ways to turn the design into something uniquely your own.

I recently sat down with Sabrina Signorello, an Instructional Designer here at Interweave, and asked her about the ins and outs of the jewelry making classes available through our online courses and to find out how easy it is to get started.

Jewelry Making and Everything You Need to Know about Interweave’s Online Courses

The Benefits of Taking an Online Course

Q: Why should I try the online courses available through Interweave?

A: I am going to start off by listing some of the benefits because everyone knows the rewards are the best part of any endeavor!

  • With every course produced at Interweave we strive to equip our student with all necessary materials to learn their chosen subject inside and out. Some courses may contain more additional materials than others. Read course description for information about a course you’re interested in. Downloadable and printable items can be found in the Resources section of your course.
  • All Interweave courses are split up into sections and divided by interactive materials to fully immerse you in the new subject you’ve chosen. With the ability to move in and out of the jewelry making class on your own time, utilizing multimedia navigation, the course allows for you to browse, watch a tutorial, try it on your own, and then continue with the next step when you are ready.

Jewelry Making and Everything You Need to Know about Interweave’s Online Courses

  • Each Interweave Course is equipped with a Discussion Board. Ask questions, share your work and participate in lively discussion around your newfound skills, utilizing the jewelry class atmosphere in this online form! Courses also contain other valuable interaction, including galleries for you to share your work, a personal notes section, and optional quizzes.

Jewelry Making and Everything You Need to Know about Interweave’s Online Courses

  • You can enjoy your Online Course on any device including your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Log in to your Interweave store account and launch that course! Click on any video to play full screen. Course Resources such as instructional PDFs are also viewable from your smartphone or tablet.
  • You are in total control of your course! Feel free to cruise through at your own pace. Video can be paused, and even skipped. Quizzes, discussions, and interactions are all on your own time. Participate as much or as little as you’d like in these jewelry-making classes.
  • Not everyone will log in together but you’d better believe there’s a whole community of like-minded jewelry makers reading your responses and ready to answer your questions! Join the conversation, make a new pal. We’re all here to enjoy ourselves and learn something new!

How to Get Started

Now for a few frequently asked questions about the online courses to make it accessible for those who may be new to the online course format.

Q: How do I “sign up” to take an online course?
Courses may be purchased as a subscription with access to the entire library or a la carte by going to, just like any other product. Once you have made the purchase, to access your course you will click on My Account > My Courses. From there, click a course title to launch your course in a new window.

Finding the Right Course for You

Q: What if I’m a beginner? Will the courses be too challenging for me?
To better understand if a course will suit your abilities, be sure to read the course description thoroughly. Some courses are presented by series. These series titles often will include words such as ‘Beginner Series’ or ‘Advanced Series’.

Q: Do you suggest watching the entire course before going back and working alongside the instruction?
This is entirely up to you and how you learn best. Listen to what your instructor has to say; perhaps they have some specific advice on how best to enjoy their jewelry-making class!

Q: Do you have any last words of encouragement or advice for our readers?
Sit down and enjoy your first class! Discover the wonderful world of online crafts education. We’re excited you’re here!

If you’re still not convinced, check out “Jewelry Making Online Course Subscriptions: The Hot New Way to Learn!”. Otherwise, have a delightful time trying out our entire library of jewelry-making classes through Interweave’s Bead & Jewelry Workshops Subscription!

Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor
Beadwork Magazine

Posted July 21, 2017. Updated April 16, 2018.

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