Jewelry-Making, Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road

The last few weeks my suitcase and I (along with lots of tools, beads, and jewelry-making materials) covered lots of miles. Most of these miles were contained within the state lines of beautiful Arizona. While in AZ, I had the opportunity to attend the CHA show, Creativation, and the Tucson gem shows. There was much new to be seen and I’m excited to share a few highlights with you.

Let’s start with beads. (And please know, there were many more new beads to be seen, these were just a few I was able to get pictures of!)

New Beads

BeadMaster USA has one of my favorite new beads–the 3-hole Cali bead. This bead is so cool in designs and it was great to see it in person. In this image you can see a list of a few of other shaped beads by BeadMaster, one of the many necklaces on display showing a number of these beads in action, along with a close up. And how about that really sweet chain accent!

For more info on their beads, check out BeadMaster’s site or visit your local bead shop.

Jewelry-Making and Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road. BeadSmith beads - SuperDuo Duets, micro faceted spacers, and new Japanese seeds beads with Czech coatings.BeadSmith also had some new beads. There is this sweet spacer bead – the True2 faceted micro spacer in 15 new colors (lower left) and the NibBit Czech glass bead (upper left). High on my list to add to my collection are their new Japanese seed beads with Czech coatings (lower right). The bead will have the high quality we love from Japanese seed beads with colors and coatings to match our Czech bead obsession.

The SuperDuo Duet bead (upper right) isn’t new but it was the first time I was able to see all the colors at one time, in person. Wow! Love the color combinations and possibilities with this new treatment to one of our favorite 2-hole shaped bead.

For more info on these beads and other new products, visit BeadSmith at or stop by your local bead store.

Beads, Beading Supplies, and Findings

Jewelry-Making and Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road. New beads and findings by Miyuki - new Delica colors, new Delica size 15 seed beads, and Delica bead frames.As always, the Miyuki bead company did not disappoint. Announced at the show, Miyuki will soon be offering new colors of Delica seed beads (late May 2017). In size 11 Delicas there will be 38 new colors and in Size 15s there will be 103 new colors. They also showed their new one-hole rectangle bead–like a Tila but just one hole, and a slender bugle–a bulge bead that’s about half the diameter of standard bugle beads. They have a new thread I can’t wait to try and these awesome bead frames, designed to hold Delica size 11s.

Swarovski and Crystals Delight!

Jewelry-Making and Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road. Swarovski Spring/Summer 2018 launch with new colors, new finishes, and new shapes.

Left: Swarovski Spring/Summer 2018 Innovations “candy” box with just a few samples of what’s new. Upper right: The IW crew–Back row left: Tammy Jones, Social Media Manager Bead and Jewelry Group and Kristal Wick, Brand Editor for Interweave Bead and Jewelry Group. Center left: Debbie Blair, Editor of Beadwork magazine and Marilyn Koponen, Ad Sales Manager for Interweave, front row (me) Tammy Honaman, Web Producer, Bead and Jewelry Group–not shown, our driver. Lower right: View from LaPaloma Resort.

The Interweave crew was treated to the Swarovski launch at LaPaloma resort.

Of course, we were very excited to see the new crystals in person but this view was also a treat! We gathered in the lobby of the beautiful resort then shuttled over to the conference room via golf cart. Yes. We had fun, laughed, and felt a little spoiled.

The launch, of course, being the highlight, we were excited to see, first hand, the new colors, the new shapes, and new finishes of the Swarovski Spring/Summer 2018 crystals.

Ranger Industries and ICE Resin

Between the CHA and Tucson shows, I wound up spending a lot of time with Susan Lenart Kazmer. It’s a good thing we’re friends or I’m sure she would’ve thought I was stalking her.

Jewelry-Making and Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road. Ranger Industries ICE Resin line expands to include leather cording and leather adhesive.At BeadFest Summer in Philadelphia we saw the new ICE Resin tints. Well, there are now more colors! We also saw the new glitter from the launch at BeadFest Summer. Well, now there is German glass glitter! This glitter is much larger pieces of glass, and yes, I’m in love!

Susan also introduced her own tissue paper with great designs, the foil line, and luminous layers which seems similar to the foils but less intense in vibrancy and offering more of a glow under resing (something I know I’ll really enjoy playing with). These products are a direct reflection of requests from artists who want work with resin and the colors yet have transparency and a touch of Susan’s imagery. Thank you, Ranger!

Not to be overlooked – Susan is also bringing us quality spools of leather and a wonderful leather glue. Leather and glue historically do not play well together. I had the chance to use the glue and so far, so good! Susan also put the glue to the test using it to create designs then wearing them all summer. I think this adhesive will be one we’ll all have on our studio shelves.

For more on these and other new products, visit your local art supply store or visit

Tools, Tools, and More Tools!

Something that will likely come as no surprise, tools by far are my favorite new-finds category. This year, maybe more than the last few years, there were many tools that caught my eye.

Jewelry-Making and Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road. New Beadalon tools - Spin-N-Bead inserts, Katie Hacker Knotting Tool, Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna, Baby Jewell Loom by Julianna AvelarAt the Beadalon booth, there were lots of tools being shared. Of note, here are just a few. The Spin-N-Bead Bead Loaders. I love this tool as is – it makes short work of threading beads, and when working on a beaded kumihimo design or bead crochet, who doesn’t love that kind of help? These new loaders make it easier to “spin-on” a pattern of beads. Fill the main bowl with one color then fill the loaders with other colors. Spin away, stop, add a new color; spin, stop, add another color. Boom! Or, if you’re working on multiple projects, you could have different loaders on hand rather than having to dump out your beads each time. So smart!

Katie Hacker’s new tool, the Bracelet Knotter Tool is like having a third hand. Shown in this picture stuck to a sticky mat, the foam base is supporting a bangle. While supported, you’re free to knot away with ease. You can also use the “C” shaped grip to connect the foam base to your worksurface.

And like miniatures of their famous big sisters, the Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel and the Baby Jewel Loom by Julianna Avelar made their debut in the desert!

For more on these tools, visit your local bead store or check out the Beadalon site at

Leave Your Mark!

Jewelry-Making and Beading Supplies, Fun Finds, and Adventures From the Road. ImpressArt stamping supplies.Other tools I know you’ll love to get your hands on and get your stamping metal groove on with are these great new stamping tools by ImpressArt. One of the many tools they showed is this pack of stamp guides. There guides are as easy to place as a sticker, durable enough to hold up to stamping, and work like a dream! There are guides for stamping in a circle and for stamping letters, phrases, whatever your heart desires into a straight line. For as much as I have stamped, and for as good as I think I am, I know I will be employing these as I begin my next stamping project.

Also worth noting, in the stamped sample on the lower right, you can see a design made using the new ImpressArt Mandala series of stamps and a new font used to spell out Love. In the image on the lower left you can see the circle blank covered in black ink. Well, that’s exactly what that is. Once stamped the blank was darkened with ImpressArts enamel ink pen (a new application for this product). Once applied, the ink is wiped off, leaving the dark color in the stamped impression. Brilliant and fast!

ImpressArt has more about these and other tools on their site – or check out your local bead store for a demonstration and more on these innovations.

Time to Get Making!

This is just a sampling of what we saw and just enough to whet your appetite! I hope this has also inspired you to get into your studio to make something, and maybe, to also get you interested in trying something new. If so, try one of our amazing books or videos. Something like Stamped Metal Jewelry by the queen of stamped jewelry, Lisa Niven Kelly. Or take a dip into looming with Julianna Avelar and absorb some of her creativity found in Jewel Loom Inspirations or one of her videos of a project made using the Jewel Loom.

There are new tools, new beads, and lots of things yet to be made.
Have fun!


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