Jewelry Business: How to Make Money Selling Your Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Beading Daily

Learn expert jewelry selling tips from successful jewelry business owners from the Beading Daily community. You can learn how to sell jewelry at jewelry shows and improve your home-based jewelry business with this free eBook; full of manageable ideas to get a plan of action in place for a truly successful jewelry-making business. Regardless of whether your ultimate goal is to have a catalog, sales reps, your own gallery, or be a private stylist to movie stars – it's important to consider participating in some bead and jewelry shows. Jewelry craft shows can prepare you for any other direction you decide to take your jewelry business. At jewelry craft shows, you can learn to make money selling jewelry by gaining exposure and experience with the public, as well as networking with other business owners who sell handcrafted jewelry.

The lessons and experience you gain from selling beaded jewelry at jewelry craft shows is priceless, but shows can also be very profitable. A successful jewelry making business tends to grow from word of mouth, and gaining and maintaining a loyal customer base. Learn how to sell your jewelry and make a profit selling at jewelry shows today with expert tips in this free eBook!

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