Jewelry and Bead Studio Organization

There are lots of “new” items in the organization category of most retail outlets. From organizing sneakers to coffee cups to beads! We can’t help but want to get organized. Thankfully we are also creative types and able to adapt many things not necessarily designed for our jewelry and beading studio organization.

A Few Outside the Box Studio Organization Examples

Test tube racks as seed bead tube holders.Jewelry and Bead Studio Organization - seed beads in test tube rack

Ice cream containers as seed bead jars (okay, this one might be a stretch but you get my point, and I couldn’t help but bring up ice cream again!)

Talenti jars filled with a variety of Toho seed beads

Talenti jars filled with seed beads

And take this little gem I spied at a recent show.

Jewelry and Bead Studio Organization

Jewelry and Bead Studio Organization - lil'holder

The smallest Holster with a few tools included to help with scale.

This “holster” was originally developed to help organize a vanity. Holster Brands  is now manufacturing these in all sorts of sizes for all sorts of tools and items we use in our studios (and for our homes).

The Holster is made from silicone so clings to your work surface. The silicone also makes it heat resistant and great for holding any hot tool (first use was for a flatiron for hair so we’re talking really hot!). The organizer allows you put your tools aside without risk of burning your work surface or yourself and keeps things really handy but out of your way.

Find these from different retailers and your local bead and jewelry-supply store.

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