Jean Campbells Favorite Beading Daily Projects

It’s not only a new year, but a new decade! Can you believe it? Just think about what you were doing ten years ago. I was the editor of Beadwork magazine with a toddler toddling about, a wild-man kindergartner, a husband getting his umpteenth degree, and a really bad hairdo. Now I look at my deep-voiced 6' 3" boy, my door-slamming hormone-challenged girl, and my professor husband, and think . . . where did the decade go? 

But instead of getting too wrapped up in lost time, I think I’ll celebrate instead. For one, I’ve got a better hairdo, and that alone is worth celebrating. I’ll also celebrate this new decade (and my 100th blog!) by perusing all 1,035 projects in the Interweave store and picking out a dozen of my favorites. Disclaimer: This was a near-impossible list to make. Have you been to the store lately? There are lots and lots of wonderful projects there, my friend—you’ll have a hard time choosing, too.

Sky High Ring

1: Sky High Ring

Janet Kay Skeen’s pancake-stack rings are so whimsical and so wonderfully Janet.

Frosted Flower Necklace

2: Frosted Flower Necklace

This sculptural brick-stitch wonder by Kerry Slade is so delicate and pretty.

Jeweled Pea Pod  

3: Jeweled Pea Pods

Janice Berkebile’s simple wireworked pods have a contemporary flair, like something you’d drool over at a museum shop.

Tribal Shield Copper Earrings  

4: Tribal Shield Copper Earrings

Tom and Kay Benham’s copper design is simple enough for beginning metalworkers to do, plus I just love that they are in this store, even though this is a beading site!

Turquoise Couture  

5: Turquoise Couture

These right-angle weave earrings are not only beautiful, but Jennifer VanBenschoten’s design is brilliantly and simply constructed.

Beaded Victorian Earrings

6: Beaded Victorian Earrings

Dale “Cougar” Armstrong’s wire and bead earrings have an elegance in a class of their own.

Waves of Pearls  

7: Waves of Pearls

This tour de force necklace by Miwako Nara is amazing; I know—I’ve made it this monster . . .

Biker Bracelet  

8: Biker Bracelet

Kate McKinnon’s tough-chick bracelet is one of those that would go with anything, but the way it’s constructed makes it incredibly durable.

Nautical Star  

9: Nautical Star Purse

Scarlett Lanson has outdone herself with this architectural masterpiece.

Golden-edged Ruffles  

10: Golden-edged Ruffles

Shelley Nybakke’s signature free-form style comes shining through in this elegant and flowing project.

Minnesota Winter  

11: Minnesota Winter

Design genius Tina Koyama creates incredible beauty, simply with strung seed beads.

Ellipse Necklace  

12: Ellipse Necklace

Marcia DeCoster shows us once again why she’s the right-angle-weave master with this uniquely shaped double-decker necklace.

Check out all the projects in the store to celebrate this new decade with beads. Let us know your favorites here on Beading Daily.

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