Japanese inspired kimono style purse

Here is a picture of a beaded purse I made for a formal ball in November. I always wanted a Kimono style purse, but I wanted to bead it…. I live on Okinawa in Japan and have been admiring them at the local festivals and while window shopping.  So the idea of creating one in my own style was born: Japanese shape and functionality, beading techniques learned in the US, my European style and beads collected during my travels in Asia….

The core of the purse is plastic sheeting in a ring shape and a circular shape as a base. The core is covered by a sleeve sewn from cobalt blue/purple crushed velvet. The netted bead work in Delicas and 11/0 seed beads is slid over the covered core, attached at the top, bottom and at the end of the plastic core. A tunnel for the drawstring cord is attached to the upper part. The netting is again attached to the velvet here on top and on the bottom of the tunnel. After creating the twisted netted cord over a leather cord for strength, it is pushed through the tunnel and then closed into a big circle. Finally two little rings off bigger glass beads on stretchy cord are slipped over the cord to keep the purse closed.

It took a few “take it apart and start over” trials as well as a few “okay, that is not working the way I thought, let’s take that last part I have done apart and try it a new way” ‘s…… But that was part of the fun!!!!

All beads and parts came from here in Asia:

Kuala Lumpur and Malacca in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, Angeles City and Manila in the Philippines,  Singapore, and of course from here on Okinawa and some from Tokyo.  The only thing bought in the US were my needles, even my scissors were bought locally….

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