It's the Battle of the Beadsmith!

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up one morning and discovered that I had been invited to participate in the Battle of the Beadsmith on Facebook. Created and run by Steven Weiss of the Beadsmith Company, the Battle of the Beadsmith is basically an elimination competition between eighty — yes, eighty! — beaders from all over the world.

Earlier in May, each beader was paired up against another for the first round elimination. Our pieces are due in by July 10, 2012 for sorting and editing, and then will be made available to the public for voting. The round one winners will be announced around August 1, and then those winners will be paired against each other for a second round of voting. There will be a total of six rounds of voting, with the overall champion announced around October 24, 2012.

While the voting will be open to the public, there will also be some pretty impressive judges for this beading competition, including Beadwork magazine's own Melinda Barta and Jean Campbell. (No pressure, ladies — just vote for me!)

Meanwhile, Steven has been having an awfully good time playing with some new iPhone apps and creating some fun badges for all of us competitors to use in our blogs and on our websites. Check out what he did with my Azteca bead embroidered collar!

While I'm more than a little nervous about being a participant in this fun beading competition, I'm definitely excited to be able to push myself back towards making more competition-worthy beaded jewelry. My beady brain has been working overtime on a new design, but unfortunately, I'm not allowed to show you a preview of my entry. No hints, no peeking! You'll just have to wait until after July 10 for the big reveal!

Meanwhile, you can follow along by joining the Battle of the Beadsmith group on Facebook. And while you're there, make sure you're following Beading Daily on Facebook, too, for lots of good, beady fun!

Bead Happy,


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