It's Official: I'm a Bead Hoarder!

Okay, so I've actually known that I'm a bead hoarder for a really long time now, but my status as bead hoarder has been made official by Suzanne Branca, owner of A Grain of Sand, when she made me a member of her new Bead Hoard Curiosities Club!

This is an example of what kinds of vintage bead treasures you'll receive every month as a member of the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club from A Grain of Sand!

Vintage beads are my weakness. I've always been fascinated by the history behind these beads, how they were made, their materials and how they were used. There are so many ways to use beautiful vintage beads in today's beading projects and beaded jewelry designs. It's like including a little piece of the past every time I make a beaded necklace or bracelet with a few special vintage beads.

Not too long ago, Suzanne acquired a huge vintage bead hoard that's almost too good to be true. The "Bead Hoard" consists of four trailers, each one approximately fifty-two feet long, that are stuffed to the ceiling with vintage beads and jewelry making components like chain and jewelry findings. This hoard of vintage beads was so large that Suzanne had to get a second warehouse to store the beads while they were sorted and inventoried. According to Suzanne, it's like Christmas morning every day as they open new boxes and discover new hidden vintage bead treasures!

Because this hoard of vintage beads is so huge, it would take way too long for Suzanne to get everything cataloged, photographed and listed in their online shop. So she came up with the idea of the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club as a way to share this wonderful treasure trove of vintage beads and goodies with her customers while giving them a significant discount on a wonderful selection of beautiful vintage beads and jewelry making components.

Every month, Bead Hoard Curiosities Club members receive a small Priority Mail box stuffed with treasures newly discovered from the Hoard. Some of the beads and findings in these boxes are of limited availability and will only be offered through the club. To make it even more exciting, each box is a little bit different — while you'll receive some of the same items as other Bead Hoard Curiosities Club members, you'll also be receiving items that differ from box to box, making this a real treasure hunt of vintage beads and jewelry making findings!

Now that I'm an official member of the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club, you'll get to see some of these beautiful vintage beads every month here on Beading Daily!

If you want to become a member of the Bead Hoard Curiosities Club, you can find all the information on Suzanne's website, A Grain of Sand. Make sure that if you want to receive the April box that you sign up before April 1, 2012 — boxes ship out the first couple of days every month and are limited in quantity. Club members also receive special offers, discounts and goodies from A Grain of Sand.

Join me in the treasure hunt every month!

Bead Happy,


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