Is It Spring Already?

Caribbean Breeze Earrings

These bright floral earrings will instantly make you feel warmer, no matter what the temperature is outside.  Last spring when she created these earrings, Sandi Wiseheart wrote, “It's snow-and-tulips weather here in Colorado: one day it's 65 degrees and the sky is a radiant blue, and the next day thick white snowflakes are mercilessly wrapping every inch of exposed skin. It's enough to make me wear every flower-themed, brightly-colored bead I own, as if my jewelry were talismans to beat back winter and bring summer a bit sooner. Perhaps they are . . .”

While Sandi was the sole designer behind the Caribbean Breeze Earrings, the naming of this project was definitely a group effort.  A couple of us were in a cubicle tossing names back and forth.  One of our VPs walked by, took one look at the earrings and said that they reminded her of the Caribbean.  We pulled up some Caribbean travel sites on the computer and agreed. 

Download your free earring making project and start to feel the warm ocean breeze!

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