W.O.R.D.: Irene van Ligten’s Version of Karen Winter’s Desert Thistle Earrings

Irene van Ligten, a lampwork artist from the Netherlands, submitted her version of Karen Winter’s Desert Thistle Earrings feature in the February/March 2013 issue of Beadwork.

Desert Thistle Earrings

Karen Winter’s Desert Thistle Earrings published in Beadwork, February/March 2013

About six years ago, Irene van Ligten discovered the art of lampworking after taking a few classes and became obsessed with the versatile and beautiful art form. She often used seed beads in her lampwork sets and was amazed at the quality of the tiny glass beads. After a little research, she discovered not only a pattern to make, but an entire magazine devoted to beading projects, Beadwork!

Upon collecting digital back issues of Beadwork magazine, Irene found Karen Winter’s Desert Thistle Earrings from Beadwork, February/March 2013. She decided to make some for herself and submitted her creation to W.O.R.D. Here is a bit more about Irene and her project:

Q: How long have you been bead weaving?
A: I haven’t been beading that long, just a few months now.

Q: What attracted you to this particular project?
A: I loved the star shape and I also wanted to try out the circular brick stitch.

Desert Thistle Earrings

Irene van Ligten’s version of the Desert Thistle Earrings.

Q: How did you decide on the colors you used?
A: My favorite colors are pink, purple and peach. I wanted to use those colors in one project.

Q: What alterations did you make to the pattern?
A: I used cubes instead of cylinder and triangle beads. In addition, I made the loops with size 15° seed beads instead of size 8° and replaced the copper rings with sterling silver. I liked silver better, especially with this colorway.

Desert Thistle Earrings

Q: What are you planning to do with your finished project?
A: These earrings are a present for a friend!

You can see more of Irene’s work and her beautiful lampwork beads (pictured below) in her Etsy shop at www.lightbeadsart.etsy.com, where she sells lampwork beads and other jewelry items.

lampwork beads

Irene van Ligten’s lampwork beads.

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Happy beading!
Marissa Bouska
Assistant Editor, Beadwork magazine

Photos courtesy of Irene van Ligten

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