Introducing: Bead Artist Of the Month

Erin Prais-Hintz and Jean Campbell during Erin's Craft Daily video shoot

I've been around the block in this bead community of ours…a few times, actually! I've created beading magazines, written dozens of articles and books on beading, and produced lots of beading videos. I've worked at friends' bead shops and ran my own online bead shop. I've taught classes and taken classes. I know the difference between a Twin and a SuperDuo; a Delica and an Aiko; a lentil and a coin. And, I'm guessing that like you, I possess more beads than I certainly will ever use in my lifetime.

It's interesting to look back on a 20-year career in an industry and see how things have unfolded. Especially these days, since I find myself in a unique position here at F+W. It's like all of those laps around the beading block have paid off, since now my job is to call up my beading friends, come up with cool ideas, and help make those ideas happen.

Today I'm especially excited to share an idea-come-true here at Beading Daily…our "Artist of the Month" series. Every month this year we'll celebrate a different bead artist. Each artist has been chosen for their outstanding work in beadweaving, mixed media, bead embroidery, bead crochet, or another bead technique that I know you'll love.

When we put together this year's line-up, we wanted to make sure to include those artists that you know-top designers who you've taken classes with and whose books are on your shelf (and no, I'm not going to tell you who! A big part of this whole thing is the surprise!). We've also included some fresh, new faces that will be on the tips of every beader's tongue very soon; folks you'll want to keep tabs on as they rocket to bead stardom!

What exactly will the Artists of the Month be doing? Well, most are at work right now, preparing to star in videos that feature a fantastic project or trendy technique. Others will present brand-new digital patterns, webinars, online courses, and more.  You'll be hearing from them in our blogs and in Beadwork or Stringing magazine.

And ALL will be offering a limited number of beading kits, so I'd highly recommend being at the ready with your mouse when we make the monthly announcement so you don't miss out!

In January we featured Erin Prais-Hintz, an amazing mixed media bead artist who shares her creative and spirited designs in resin, wirework, and polymer clay through 4 videos, a wonderful kit of materials, and a great bracelet design in the Spring issue of Stringing magazine. If you missed seeing Erin's feature, please be sure to visit her guest blog, where she shares the behind-the-scenes highlights of her visit to our video studio.

This month I'm very pleased to announce Kelly Wiese as our Artist Of the Month. A celebrated beadwork author and instructor, Kelly's designs are romantic, evoking a Victorian, delicate feel. Her designs may look elaborate, but they are designed with individual components so are actually very approachable. We're eager to share Kelly's 4 brand-new videos and DVD with you, as well as a great kit of materials and much more. 

What a joy to be able to honor and promote these wonderful Artists of the Month…please join me in celebrating their talents!

Happy beading-


Jean Cox (Campbell)

Content Strategist, Interweave Bead Group

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