Top 5 Instagram Posts to Inspire Your Next Bead Weaving Project

Instagram has become one of the most popular forms of social media because of its ability to display photography of just about everything. We use it to highlight our beautiful projects, tips and tricks, and our new kits! Since our Social Media Guru, Tammy Jones, created our account in the spring of 2017, we have gathered almost 1,500 followers who give us feedback on their favorite projects and even participate in giveaways! See what all the commotion is about by checking out our top five posts below, and then follow us on Instagram @InterweaveBeading!


5. Moroccan Moonlight Necklace by Shanna Steele

Beadwork Designer of the Year 2018 Shanna Steele’s Moroccan Moonlight Necklace published in Beadwork, February/March 2018.

Tammy: “Our Instagram followers loved the color palette Shanna chose for this design. It’s a classic favorite–turquoise and brown plus gold and copper–and the Southwestern feel is always a popular color trend.”

The Beadwork editors loved it so much, we made it available in a kit, but we were happy to see that everyone else loved it too! With over 125 likes, it’s no wonder we only have a few kits left, get yours while they last!

Instagram Barta

4. Tic-Tac-Toe Cuff by Melinda Barta

Beadwork Designer of the Year 2018 Melinda Barta comes in fourth with her beautiful Tic-Tac-Toe Cuff published in Beadwork, February/March 2018.

Tammy: “‘Gorgeous’ is a word that one of our followers used to describe Melinda’s Tic-Tac-Toe bracelets. Is it the colors that make this design gorgeous? The pairing of tiny seed beads with larger, bolder cabochon beads? The texture these two types of beads create together? Yes, yes, and yes!”

Create rectangular frames with cubic right-angle weave, then use two-hole cabochons to form patterned sections inspired by a game of tic-tac-toe. Start working on this fan favorite with over 150 likes today!

Instagram Graham

3. Aurelia Collar by Laura Graham

Rounding off our three Beadwork Designers of the Year 2018, Laura Graham’s Aurelia Collar also published in Beadwork, February/March 2018, has 220 likes!

Tammy: “Laura’s collar necklace is immediately appealing in its classic color combo of silver and Tiffany blue. The delicate lace-like edging gives this design an even greater feeling of quality and craftsmanship. It also feels fitting for a princess at a royal affair–and everyone had royals on the mind this spring!”

This design created with two sizes of diamond Silky beads, DiamonDuos, and crystal bicones, makes any dress stand out. With 220 likes, it’s sure to impress at any event this year!

Instagram Lenz

2. Peyote with a Twist by Gerlinde Lenz

Bead artist Gerlinde Lenz created the Peyote with a Twist stitch that is growing into a sensation with over 200 likes. This technique uses peyote stitch to mimic other stitches such as cellini spiral and bead crochet for a whole new way to design.

Tammy: “Oh, the detail! Several of our followers commented across social media that these designs reminded them of summer camp–but at the same time, they look like gallery-quality beadwork. One follower noted the tiny flowers in one of the designs, which just adds a happy, accessible vibe to this technique. They also have a tribal feel; a great design evokes many things from many people, and here is proof of that.”

Find the step-by-step instructions here and start stitching your own beautiful projects!

Instagram Wilhite

1. Chapel Windows by Shae Wilhite

With over 200 likes, Shae Wilhite’s Chapel Windows bangle is our top Instagram post! First published in Beadwork, February/March 2018, this seed bead project has the same look and feel as bead crochet without the hassle.

Tammy: “It’s easy to see where these pretty bracelets got their name; they resemble colorful stained glass church windows and would evoke stained glass even more in bright, bold color palettes. The lines in the white and bronze colorway particularly bring to mind arches and other elements of Gothic church architecture . . . but I also see daisies!”

This classic style lends itself to countless possibilities for modernization and playing with color. Check it out now!

Instagram Prince

BONUS! Princess Meghan Bracelet by Cristie Prince

While this post didn’t make the top five, it came pretty close! I decided to include it anyway to let you know that the kits are almost sold out! With 85 likes, this beauty of a bracelet was inspired by the royal wedding, but its elegant design makes it the perfect bracelet for any occasion. Don’t let this deal get away!

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