Inspiring Beading Trends: Feathers

Feathers are popping up everywhere in trendy jewelry designs. From charms and pendants to beaded motifs and more, feathers are eye-catching beading trends with deep roots in many cultures. Anytime you incorporate a feather into your designs, you’re bringing that meaning and symbolism into your jewelry.

In general, feathers often represent freedom, courage, and the spirit. Some faiths believe that a feather means an angel is near. Native Americans assign meaning to feathers from different birds: An eagle feather generally symbolizes great strength. Feather motifs make meaningful focal points and remind us to follow our hearts.

As Emily Dickinson wrote,
“Hope’ is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all…”

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Free Spirit Bracelet by Lindsay Burke

Free Spirit Bracelet
Use a beading loom (affiliate link) to create Lindsay Burke’s Free Spirit Bracelet and make a beaded feather cuff of your own. This trendy cuff is perfect for everyday wear. It’s easy to follow the step-by-step instructions or create color variations to suit your style. The Free Spirit Bracelet is easy to stack with other bracelets for effortless on-trend style. You won’t want to stop with one!

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Plucky Feather Earrings by Melody MacDuffee

Plucky Feather Earrings
Take your inspiration from natural feathers with these eye-catching stunners. Melody MacDuffee’s Plucky Feather Earrings feature rich, colorful feathers from free-range chickens. You’ll use simple wirework and stringing techniques to form and assemble the chandelier structure. Or, for a simpler look, you could suspend a single bead/feather combination from the ear wire (affiliate link).

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Feathers Earrings by Aisha Formanski

Feathers Earrings
Aisha Formanski’s Feathers Earrings are a fun introduction to metal stamping. If you like the look but stamping isn’t your style, you can create a similar pair using purchased leaf charms or pendants. Substitute birthstone beads for an extra special gift.

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Eye of the Peacock Lariat by Kerrie Slade

Eye of the Peacock Lariat
Peacocks are widely viewed as majestic and vibrant. When you wear their feathers – or beadwork inspired by them – you might feel more majestic and vibrant, too! Kerrie Slade’s Eye of the Peacock Lariat is a lovely place to start.

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Back of the feathers, close up

The beaded feathers are suspended from a spiral herringbone rope. Each eye is a perfectly regal combination of crystal and lapis lazuli.

If you just can’t get enough feathers, learn how to make a leather feather. Add essential oils to your leather feather for jewelry that makes you feel good.

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