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From Ice Cream to Beads
I’m a recycler. Not the best but we do our part and are always looking for ways to do better. I’m also a container hoarder, especially those good for bead storage solutions or for holding other things in my studio. I save all my peanut butter jars (they’re glass) and use them to hold liquids like patina, mineral spirits, acetone, ammonia, and baking soda. I feel a well sealed glass jar offers the best help for containment and shelf life. You could also use these glass jars for holding your jewelry and beading tools.

Peanut butter jars filled with studio materials like patina, ammonia, acetone, baking soda

Peanut butter jars filled with studio materials

I save my glass jelly jars, too, reusing them to keep smaller quantity liquids handy. I love to decorate the lids with some Swarovski flatback love – it brings a little bling to my space!

Glass jelly jar with some Swarovski flatbacks glued onto the lid

Glass jelly jar with some Swarovski flatback attention

I’ve been saving Talenti ice cream containers for a long time and finally, finally found the formula needed to remove their label. Nothing against Talenti, their logo and label are actually cool, but I like to see the beads I put into the jars.

Talenti jars cleaned and ready for label removal

Talenti jars cleaned and ready!

Want to create a few of these for your studio space? Something to store your turquoise beads, or the latest strands of fire-polished glass beads you picked up at Bead Fest, or use them to fill with seed beads? Here’s the rub (no pun intended!) – the labels do not come off willingly. The solution? Patience! That and acetone, a cotton cloth, some gloves, and time.

Here’s how to:
Clean your jars. Wrap one in a cotton cloth then place the jar into a recyclable container to help contain the acetone.

Note: Use caution when handling acetone – it’s harmful if swallowed and should not be inhaled. 

Talenti jar wrapped in a cotton cloth ready for an acetone bath

Talenti jar wrapped in a cotton cloth

Pour acetone onto the cloth, saturating it all around.

Adding acetone to the cotton cloth surrounding a Talenti jar

Talenti jar being doused with acetone

Allow the cloth to sit on the jar for a few hours or overnight. I stored the whole set up in an “already heading for recycling” sealable storage bag. The seal on the bag helped contain the odor, vapors, and eliminated some of the evaporation, a natural occurrence with acetone.

While wearing gloves, remove the container from the bag, then remove a bit of the cloth. Check to see if the label is ready to come off by rubbing the cloth against the surface. In some cases, the label will already be deposited on the cloth but usually the removal takes a little bit of rubbing.

Remove the soaked cotton cloth then rub to remove the label

Remove the soaked cotton cloth and rub the label off

If you have to scrub hard, wrap the cloth around the jar again and let it sit a little longer. If needed, add more acetone. Once the label is removed, wash the container thoroughly, rinse out the cloth or dispose of it. Rinse then recycle the container used to hold the jar and the acetone. Rinse then recycle the plastic sealable bag. Rinse your gloves.

Talenti jars cleaned and ready for filling with beads

Talenti jars cleaned and ready for beads!

The only thing left to do is fill the containers with your beads! Well, that and now it’s time to create something fabulous!

Talenti jars filled with a variety of Toho seed beads

Talenti jars filled with seed beads

Have a favorite container you like to use around your studio? Please share your ideas with us at

Happy Earth Day – every day!blue_tammy 


  1. Barbara S at 8:54 am June 26, 2017

    My local chain grocer has its own brand of gelato in a similar jar with a label that peels off with ease! Just grab a corner and pull. Needless to say, I am becoming hooked on gelato 😉

  2. Nikki G at 12:19 pm April 11, 2018

    Love Talenti! And like Tammy I can’t get rid of anything that may possibly be used for storage. Now I know how to remove the labels! (it’s been bugging me for months)

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