I Have a Beading Blog: What Do I Write About?

Starting a blog about your beading is a great way to generate interest in your work and promote your online shop. But sometimes ideas for blog posts are hard to come by, even for those of us who blog professionally! (Or maybe I should say ESPECIALLY for those of us who blog professionally!)

Lori Anderson, a Maryland-based lampwork and jewelry artist, has been writing a wonderfully engaging blog since 2005. You might know Lori from her Bead Soup Blog Parties, which she has hosted since 2009, pairing up beaders around the world to exchange a package of beads and make something pretty. Lori has just released a brand new eBook called Follow the Path: Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger, full of ideas for writing interesting and engaging blog posts.

As someone who needs to come up with fresh topics for my beading blogs on a daily basis, Follow the Path is a fabulous resource. Lori has filled fifty-nine pages with images, writing prompts, and questions to get you started thinking about what you want to write about next. As a professional blogger, this is one eBook that I will refer to again and again to find ways to keep my posts fresh and interesting.

If you're more of a visual person, you won't be disappointed with the images – more than forty of them! – in Follow the Path. Use them as inspirations for writing about color, form, or to evoke memories that you want to share on your blog. Use this eBook to develop your creative writing skills and let your audience come along for the ride. The writing prompts will show you new ways to connect with your audience, and that's really what writing a compelling blog is all about!

You can download your copy of Lori's wonderful new eBook, Follow the Path: Ideas and Inspiration for the Creative Blogger for $15 on her blog, Pretty Things. Just scroll down the side bar on the right-hand side until you see the blogging inspirations eBook photo and click on the link below to purchase your own copy.

Do you have some great ideas for writing a captivating blog? Share your ideas and thoughts with us and leave a comment! Or if you've downloaded Lori's book, take a minute and let us know what you thought about it.

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