How Well Do You Know Your Butterflies?

Butterflies are some of the most gorgeous creatures on earth. But how well can you identify the various species? Take our quiz to find out how well you know your butterflies. Then, grab your beading needle and thread and brick-stitch your own collection of beaded butterflies.


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Create Your Own Beaded Butterflies

Now that you’ve learned about a few butterflies, get Karen Parker’s butterfly eBooks and stitch your own collection!

These butterflies aren’t difficult to make. Our video producer Tammy Kula’s kids even gave it a shot! Check out Tammy’s and her sons’ progress in “Whistle While You Work and Brick Stitch Beaded Butterflies.”

Once you have a few butterflies made, select your favorite and turn it into a necklace. Karen Parker shares an easy technique in “Create a Necklace from a Gorgeous Beaded Butterfly.”

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

All photos courtesy of Pixabay.

Add to or start your butterfly collection, today!

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