How to Wrap a Crystal Point

I recently bought some gorgeous quartz points that I want to make into something really special. I have some ideas of what I want to make, but I’ve found I’m limited by the size of the holes in the points. The holes in the points are too small to hold a jump ring, and are fairly delicate. So I’ve decided that wrapping the points in wire is the best choice: not only will the wire prevent the crystal from snapping apart at the hole, but it will complement them nicely.

I’m using the following tools and materials:

  • A rough crystal point
  • 16″ of 22-gauge .999 silver copper-core wire
  • Looping pliers
  • Nylon jaw pliers
  • Wire cutters
  1. Cut two 8″ pieces of wire. Straighten them with the nylon jaw pliers if necessary.Step-1-1

Note: The crystal I used was a little over one inch long and about a quarter inch thick. You will need to cut your wires longer if you use a larger crystal.

  1. Find the approximate center of the wires and bend both to form an acute angle.Step-2
  2. Twist the wires together on both sides of the bend. Use the nylon jaw pliers to hold the wires steady if needed.step-4
  3. Spread the wires apart at the bend to hold the crystal. Be sure that one wire goes on either side of the crystal point. Insert the crystal.
  4. Bend the wire ends at 90⁰ angles to the twist.
  5. Wrap the wires around the crystal until they meet 90⁰ from the first twist.
  6. Twist the wires together to create three twists.
  7. Bend the twists against the crystal so they face the top, unwrapped portion.
  8. Bend the wire ends at 90⁰ angles to the twists.
  9. Wrap the wires around the crystal again until they meet 90⁰ from the last twist. They wires will meet on the faces of the crystal where the first twists were made.
  10. Twist the wires together until the twists are long enough to meet at the top of the crystal.Step-11
  11. Twist all four wires together to secure them.
  12. Grasp all four wires in the looping pliers and create a wrapped loop. Use the nylon jaw pliers to wrap in any loose ends.

There you go! That’s a very quick way to wrap a crystal point. Now go and experiment to see what fun variations you can come up with!

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Anna Harvilla, Assistant Editor, Beadwork and Jewelry Stringing magazines

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