How to Use Herringbone Stitch to Make a Bezel

Herringbone stitch might have been one of the last bead-weaving stitches I learned how to do, but these days, it’s always my first choice for making beaded bezels and beaded ropes! This quick, versatile beading stitch can be used to create both flat and dimensional beadwork, and I love the strength and flexibility of a stitched herringbone tube.

I’ve also been on something of a bezeling kick since this summer, trying to figure out new ways to use my favorite bead-weaving stitches to create beaded bezels for cabochons, crystal stones, and beads. And what do you know? Herringbone stitch makes a quick, easy, and secure bezel for most of my beading projects!

Easy herringbone bezel. You wouldn’t think it at first glance, but the easy herringbone bezel I designed for my Captured Crystal Cubes earrings is both secure and adaptable. It works for both triangular and square stones and cabochons, and can even be adapted for round and oval stones! The herringbone stitch thread path means that the “prongs” of this bezel are very strong, but supple enough to bend around the edges of a crystal stone or cabochon.

Stones or cabochons that are encased in these quick and easy herringbone stitch bezel can be joined together in several different ways, using seed beads or other glass beads like round druks or crystal bicones. You can use them to make a “carpet” of glass stones or gemstone cabochons for a cuff bracelet, or join them together for unique beaded necklace focals. If you have enough stones and cabochons, you can even use them to make beaded chains for necklaces.

I even devised a way to work these herringbone bezels into a base of right-angle weave so that they are actually a part of the base!

Herringbone bezel for a bead. Years ago, I discovered how wonderfully flexible a herringbone rope can be, and I used this quality to create a simple bezel using two sizes of seed beads that can enhance a coin-shaped bead. There seems to be unlimited design potential with this one, too — you can link beads together, attach them to beaded ropes, add a bail for an instant pendant or pair of beaded earrings, or use them as focals for beaded bracelets.

This style of herringbone bezel also offers opportunity to play with color. You’re already using two different sizes of seed beads, why not use two contrasting colors? These herringbone bezels are a great way to experiment with new colorways for your beaded jewelry designs.

Combine herringbone with peyote for a shaped bezel. Of course, herringbone stitch plays a major part in creating beautiful and secure bezels for square and triangular cabochons with peyote stitch! Just adding a couple of stitches in herringbone at the corners of your shaped peyote stitch bezel makes for some fun shaped beadwork.

And really, if you think about it, that’s pretty powerful stuff. Just a few stitches of herringbone stitch can completely alter the shape of your peyote stitch bezel!

Herringbone stitch can be used to create some pretty amazing beadwork! If you’re looking for some fresh, innovative beading projects using herringbone stitch, take a look at Melinda Barta’s Mastering Herringbone Stitch: The Complete Guide, featuring herringbone stitch projects from bead artists like Jean Campbell, Jill Wiseman, and Leslie Frazier. You’ll find page after page of inspirational techniques and instruction, along with 20 brand-new herringbone stitch beading projects!

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