How to Sell Your Jewelry at a Craft Show

With the holiday season quickly approaching, some of you may be considering selling your handmade jewelry at a craft show for the first time. A friend recently invited me to join her in selling our handmade jewelry at a small, local craft show. It's been several years since I've participated in a craft show so I thought it would be helpful to gather a list of tips that I've learned from others.


1. Take the time to set up an attractive table or booth. I've heard time and again that booths that are appealing tend to attract more customers.

Beautiful display from The Junquerie's blog, My Life Under the Bus

2. Vary the height of items in your display and make it easy for customers to see all of your pieces.

3. Have a mirror available for customers who wish to try on your jewelry.

4. Step out from behind your table/booth from time to time to see how it looks. Take a few moments to tidy up the things that have been picked up and put back down.

5. Bring plenty of items to sell, accounting for different tastes, and offer jewelry at a variety of price points.

6. Place a tag or sticker on each item which includes your name/contact information and the price. Some people don't like to ask about the price of items.

7. Make an inventory list to track what sells so the next time you'll have an idea what people are most interested in.

8. Bring plenty of change for cash sales and accept credit cards if possible.

9. Set out business cards for those shoppers who may not purchase from you at the show, but may be interested in ordering later or may share your card with a friend.

10. Be friendly and smile. Be willing to share something about your process, your ideas, or what makes your handmade jewelry so special!

11. Wear some of the jewelry you are trying to sell.

12. Wrap the purchases in pretty bags or boxes for an extra-special touch.

Check out the "Sell & Tell" column in the Spring 2010 issue of Jewelry Stringing for great tips from jewelry artist Toni McCarthy on selling at outdoor shows!

I'm sure there are plenty of tips I haven't thought of, so please share yours in the comment section below!

Happy crafting!

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