How to Make Simple Beaded Spacers for Exquisite Jewelry

Let's talk about your initial reaction to Melinda Barta's beaded spacers, pictured left. You fell in love, huh? I'll let you in on my first thoughts about these beaded spacers, too. First, I thought, "Hey, I could make those little things!" Second, I thought, "Since they're simple projects, I can also afford the materials," and lastly, "I never would have thought to turn such simple components into such pretty finished designs."

But, as with any first impression, there is more than what initially meets the eye. Let me tell you, when I looked a little further, I definitely liked what I saw. It was when I went to find out more about these little beaded treasures that I realized I could watch Melinda make each one in an inexpensive video download. I'm a primarily visual learner, so this scored some extra brownie points in my book. Plus, the download comes with PDF illustrations and instructions for each spacer that I can use to follow along.

I'm always inspired by the projects in Beadwork, Quick & Easy, and related beading videos, and these are three more projects I can't wait to download and work up on my own!

That being said, I've got some spacers to stitch! Join in on the fun with me and download your own copy of Beaded Spacers with Melinda Barta.

~Megan Lenhausen; Assistant editor

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