How to Make Brooches with Beads: 4 Free DIY Tutorials

Learn how to make brooches with beads with these 4 FREE beading projects.Looking back throughout the history of fashion and self-adornment, brooches have been used for hundreds of years for self-adornment. Brooches were first used as closures for clothing, and then more recently in the 20th century as embellishment for women’s suits, hats, handbags, and scarves. Who would have thought that the simple beaded brooch would have so many possibilities and so much potential as we move fashion-forward through the 21st century, too? Some of the greatest fashion designers of the 20th century (think Miriam Haskell and Balenciaga) knew that learning how to make brooches expanded the possibilities for creating fantastic beaded accessories.

Even if you’ve never made a beaded brooch before, you’ll love learning how to make brooches with beads with these free beaded brooch projects, titled 4 Free Beaded Brooch Projects. Dive into your stash of crystals, pearls, gemstones and Czech fire polished beads and see what you can do with them. Whether you want to do bead stitching or simple wire jewelry making techniques, we’ve got a beaded brooch project that’s perfect for you.



Just in case you’re coming up short on ideas for how to wear and show off your newly created beaded brooch, we’ve also included one of our favorite blogs by Jean Campbell, who shows us all the different ways that we can use a beaded brooch to add something unexpected to our favorite outfits and accessories.

Learn how to make brooches with these free projects:

How to Make Bead Flowers

Learn how to make brooches with beads such as this beaded flower brooch in this free tutorial.
By Arlene Baker
If you can’t get enough Czech fire polished glass beads, you’ll love this beaded brooch project. Made using a variation on French beaded flowers using jewelry wire, this lovely beaded brooch will work just as well on your favorite spring hat as it will your best winter coat. Make an extra one as a gift for a friend in her favorite colors! If you prefer a bolder, earthier color palette, try some of the new Picasso-finish glass beads in place of pastel fire-polished glass beads.

High Society Brooch DIY

You'll love learning how to make brooches with this free beading project.
By Arlene Baker
With a nod to the beautiful jewelry of the Art Deco period, the High Society brooch uses both crystal rounds and crystal pearls to create this timeless piece of beaded jewelry. High contrast between the colors of the pearls and round faceted crystal beads mean that this beaded brooch will get plenty of attention, no matter where or how you decide to wear it. Make it playful by swapping out the round crystal beads for colorful round glass druks.

Crystal Radiance Brooch Making

Learn how to make brooches with beads, such as this brooch called Crystal Radiance.
By Tina Koyama
Just in case you thought that beaded brooches had to be made with metalsmithing techniques, check out this stunning beaded brooch by bead artist Tina Koyama. The Crystal Radiance brooch uses different sizes and shapes of seed beads to add beautiful texture to this easy brick stitch beading project. Stunning crystal bicone beads added to the last round of brick stitch using little picots make this a show-stopping brooch that you’ll want to wear again and again.

Retro Beaded Brooches

Learn how to make brooches with beads like this retro brooch beading project.
By Jamie Hogsett
The colorful burst of gemstones, glass beads, and freshwater pearls in this 1960s-inspired beaded brooch will warm up even the coolest colors in your wardrobe. Created using a brooch blank as a foundation for support, this groovy beaded brooch is a fun addition to your favorite sweaters, handbags, or hats for any occasion. Try making one using gemstone chips or with a few gemstone briolettes for a special accent.

How to Wear Handmade Brooches

Learn how to wear brooches with beads the right way.
By Jean Campbell
Just in case you’re totally stumped as to how to get the most out of your new collection of beaded brooches, bead artist and author Jean Campbell shows us five fun ways to wear a beaded brooch. These suggestions are the perfect starting point for you to practice being creative when it comes to wearing your beaded brooches. Get more mileage out of your handmade beaded brooch projects with these clever ideas for wearing them.

Brooches can be made out of any type of bead and use many types of jewelry-making techniques, including bead-weaving and wire wrapping. When it comes to using your favorite beads and beading supplies for making beaded brooches, use your imagination. Beaded brooches can be made using seed beads, crystals, pearls, gemstones or even your favorite shaped glass beads or Czech fire polished beads. Brooches always offered a creative way for beaders and jewelry makers to create fun and fashionable accessories, and some of our favorite bead artists are taking beaded brooches to new heights by using things like gemstones and crystal beads for added color, texture and sparkle. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss these amazing, 4 Free Beaded Brooch Projects today!



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