How to Make Beaded Bracelets Moroccan-Style

Escape to the Shores of Morocco with these Quick and Easy Beaded Bracelets

Whether you make jewelry for a living, as a serious hobby, or just to relax for a few hours, I think we can all agree that the process of creating serves as a bit of an escape. The Moroccan Sunset Bracelet by Shae Wilhite will not only have you creating, it’s also the perfect project for an escape. Whether you want quick and easy beading gratification, an easy-to-wear accessory, or you want to be transported — this design will definitely take you somewhere sunnier and more exotic. It’s also sure to bring you somewhere more colorful, too!

Moroccan Sunset beadweaving project by Shae Wilhite

Moroccan Sunset by Shae Wilhite

Traditional Style Meets Beaded Bracelets

This design is inspired by the colors of traditional Moroccan mosaics. These designs inspire with their warm oranges, reds, and a pops of green or blue. I particularly like the turquoise and coral colorway version of this design.

Moroccan tile, a great example of pattern and color

Courtesy of Getty Images

This design is also very pretty in the purple and copper colorway.

Moroccan Sunset beaded bracelets project by Shae Wilhite

Made almost entirely of DiamonDuos, the Moroccan Sunset Bracelet draws not just color inspiration, but also pattern inspiration from Moroccan mosaics. These works of art make use of geometry in stunning, almost magical ways. The beaded bracelets are a great example of how color and pattern can work together to create a unique effect.

Made using a simple variation of peyote stitch this design can be made in under two hours. With the faceted side of the DiamonDuos facing out, this design has added depth and texture on top of the bold colors.

Other Beaded Jewelry Designs Inspired by Morocco

With a beautiful blend of Arab, Berber, European, and African influences, it’s no wonder that Moroccan culture has inspired artists, jewelry or otherwise, for centuries. It’s appreciation for bold colors and intricate patterns is a feast for the eyes. It’s also a feast for the imagination! The designers of Beadwork magazine have drawn from this font of inspiration and shared gorgeous Moroccan-inspired beaded designs over the years.

Moroccan Essence Bracelet by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz

Moroccan Essence Bracelet by Barbara Falkowitz and Amy Haftkowycz

The Moroccan Essence Bracelet makes use of metallic seed beads and blue crystals to mimic the look of Moroccan tiles. Any piece with more than two shades of blue is a must-make for me!

Marrakech Earrings by Lisa Kan

Marrakech Earrings by Lisa Kan

This chandelier-basket-earring design combines beaded three-dimensional triangles to create a hexagon shape. Crystal bicone beads are woven into the crevices to join the modular triangles.

Moroccan Tiles by Heather Kahn

Moroccan Tiles by Heather Kahn

The Moroccan Tiles bracelet also uses the diamond motif to a lovely effect.

Even if travel is not in the cards for you at the moment, you can always discover someplace new through art and making things. Personally, I will be planning a trip whether or not I actually go. I’ve found you learn more about a place through the research and planning done before you leave than what you experience when you’re physically there. And the making of jewelry can be another great way to prepare and experience another cutlure. Have fun traveling or planning to travel–most of all, enjoy your beading!

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