How to Find Just the Beads You Need

  Shopping for beads–

There’s a big retail chain store headquartered near my home. A couple years ago I went into this store with a long list of things I needed for my office. I had no idea where to begin shopping, but apparently the store was testing a new idea, because a very savvy lady with an official-looking tag that said "Shopping Consultant" suddenly appeared by my side to ask, “Would you like some help shopping today?” Like magic, she got me set up with exactly what I needed at a price I could afford.

Since then I’ve relied heavily on shopping consultants. They aren’t always the in-store kind. My daughter, for instance, is a great shopping consultant. Gentle reminders like “Mom, you’ll never wear that” or “Will you regret it if you don’t buy it?” or “It would look fine if you were a stripper” are invaluable.

Here are a few places to find personal bead shopping consultants:

Do your Facebook friends fancy felt and fiber beads? Find out!

Bead societies can tell you where bead gardens grow.

Catch the style trends at your LBS.

This house bead is just one of the unique finds revealed in Beads 2010.



Beady friends
It’s always good to have at least one beading friend off whom to bounce ideas and explore what’s going on in the bead world. It’s okay if your friend doesn’t even live in your town! I count on my Facebook friends all the time to discover new beady things.


 Bead society members
Do you belong to your local bead society? If not, join . . . and attend the meetings! These groups are a rich resource of beading information and most members are more than happy to share their knowledge.


 Bead shop employees
The people who work in your local bead shop are around beads and beaders’ questions all day long, so are a great resource. They know all the deals and are usually so excited about what’s new that they can’t contain themselves.


Beading Daily
I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned plenty from the blogs and forums on Beading Daily. Everyone shares so many resources. I think you’ll find it one of your greatest shopping consultants.


 Bead experts for you
Beads 2010 is like having a whole army of shopping consultants on hand. The sophisticated group that put it together, headed by bead maven Danielle Fox, is just the sort you’d want by your side as you shop for jewelry supplies. These folks have their fingers on the pulse of just about every aspect of the bead community: new vendor offerings, designer innovations, and fashion trends.


Beads 2010 features a very organized listing of all kinds of bead and tools vendors, with articles on the hottest beads, storage tips, a beading events calendar, plus 15 really fantastic projects from top designers. It’s a must-have!









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