How to: Easy Soldered Jewelry

Art is all about exploration. I’ve come to realize that those of us with artistic souls are always looking to take our craft to the next level: What else can I learn? How can I challenge what I already know and dive into something deeper? My main artistic medium has always been painting. I first began painting canvases, but as the years went on I found myself branching out to use the medium that I love in other ways. Soon I was painting murals, pottery, furniture, fabric, wine bottles, etc. And yet, I’m still looking for ways in which to challenge my creativity.

I began working with jewelry a little over a year ago, and I find myself following the same pattern in this new medium I have come to love. I began with simple stringing (first earrings, then bracelets, and eventually necklaces), and I am currently working on designing my first beadwoven piece. Next, I’d love to start metalsmithing. I am naturally drawn to metal rings and bangles, and I’ve longed to create my own for quite some time, but metalsmithing (the torches, the tools, the fancy work stations) has always seemed daunting to me. That’s why I was thrilled to find out about Kitchen Table Metalsmithing: Make Soldered Jewelry with 6 Easy to Use Torches with Kate Richbourg, a DVD that makes metalsmithing accessible to beginners and experts alike, demonstrating how to use six different torches and using them in six  free projects (each utilizing one torch).

I have an inkling I just found my way into my next creative endeavor. Have you?


 -Megan Lenhausen, Assistant Editor, Jewelry Stringing & Beadwork magazines


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