How to Create a Wire Bail for a Marble

I was cleaning the other day and ran across a bag of marbles. My kids used to run them through these elaborate Rube Goldberg-style obstacle courses they’d create with stuff around the house, the course ending with a little “ting!” against a miniature gong. It brought back a really nice memory. “Wouldn’t it be nice to wear this memory?” I thought. But alas, no hole for stringing. 

I’m sure many of you have experienced this. The item you want to incorporate in your design is gorgeous, memory-filled, or just plain cool, but it still sits in a drawer because it’s utterly holeless. What to do? Why not make yourself a wire bail?

You can make a wire bail many different ways, but the one I came up with works well for round objects. There are lots of wireworking skills involved in this little project, but none are too difficult. If you’re new to wireworking, there’s a really nice book by Step by Step Wire Jewelry’s editor Denise Peck that’ll teach you how to do each one. It’s called Wire Style. It has some of the best how-to photography I’ve seen in a wireworking book. If you’re a visual learner like me, you’ll have no problem following the pictures to learn wrapped loops and spirals like a pro.  Buy a copy of Wire Style

How to Create a Wire Bail

1. Working directly from a spool of 18-gauge wire, form a wrapped loop 3" from the end. Make only one wrap around the stem.


2. Work around the first wrap as you form a spiral that has the same diameter of your object.


3. Flush cut the wire close to the spiral and use a metal file to remove any burrs. Next, trim the stem inside the spiral close to the first wrap.


4. Gently pull the spiral down away from the loop so it makes a conical shape.  

5. Place a small amount of E6000 glue to the top of the marble. Place the wire bail on the glue and let dry.  

Do you have some ideas for hanging holeless items? Share them on the website!


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