How to Build a Portable Bead Studio

Bead Fest Texas kicks off tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! There's just something so comforting about being around "my people"-you know, people who fully understand and accept you for being obsessed with beads. People who can drop hundreds of dollars at the show and only have a tiny bag to show for it. People who stay up all night beading. People who can name the exact issue a project was published. People who save all of their vacation time and money for classes. You get the idea!

I told myself I'd start packing early this trip to avoid the last-minute rush. Luckily, my "portable bead studio" is always ready to go. Believe it or not, airplanes are near the top of my favorite-places-to-bead list. Why? Because the lighting is great, and I'm forced to just sit in one place for a stretch of time without the distraction of laundry, TV, dinner, etc.

Ready for tips on how to pack up your own supplies? Be sure to watch my quick-and-fun video, How to Build a Portable Bead Studio. I include a great thread-cutting alternative to carrying scissors through security lines-but you'll have to watch the video to find out!

What do you pack when beading on the go?

Have fun and hope to see you at Bead Fest Texas!
Editor, Beadwork

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