How to Become a Stitch Pro

New for Beadwork in 2010

I get a kick out of seeing the reaction on some people’s faces when I tell them what I do for a living. “I design, teach, and write about beading.” Yep, it’s an unusual job, all right. It came about from my inborn curiosity about how things can be constructed by tiny elements. Over the years, it’s been a delightful challenge to delve ever deeper into the medium, learning through texts, other beaders, vendors, and antique beadwork, so that I can share my discoveries with people like you. One new way I get to do this is through a new column in Beadwork magazine called “Stitch Pro."  In each column I’ll show new beaders how to do a basic off-loom technique, then pizzazz it up a little for those fellow experts out there, in hopes of being a catalyst for experimentation.

Want to become a Stitch Pro, too?
Most people new to beading don’t realize that there are stitches beyond peyote and brick, and that even within those two stitches there are dozens of variations to learn. Here’s a quick checklist of the most popular beadweaving techniques. Why not use it as a syllabus as you become a Stitch Pro, too? Track down each technique, try it, then master it. You can get expert instruction, free beadweaving patterns, and additional ideas on bead stitching six times a year with Beadwork magazine.



Tried it

Mastered it

Peyote stitch

  • Even-count peyote stitch



  • Odd-count peyote stitch



  • Circular peyote stitch



  • Tubular peyote stitch



  • Sculptural peyote stitch



Brick stitch

  • Flat brick stitch



  • Circular brick stitch



  • Tubular brick stitch



  • Sculptural brick stitch



Right-angle weave

  • Flat right-angle weave



  • Circular right-angle weave



  • Sculptural right-angle weave



  • Dimensional right-angle weave



Square stitch

  • Flat square stitch



  • Circular square stitch



  • Tubular square stitch



  • Sculptural square stitch



Herringbone stitch

  • Flat herringbone stitch



  • Circular herringbone stitch



  • Tubular herringbone stitch



  • Sculptural herringbone stitch



Ladder stitch

  • Single ladder stitch



  • Stacked ladder stitch



Triangle weave

  • Flat triangle weave




  • Flat netting



  • Circular netting



  • Tubular netting




  • Simple spiral



  • Dutch spiral



  • Russian spiral




  • Simple fringe



  • Branch fringe



  • Looped fringe



  • Twisted fringe



  • Netted fringe



How many of these stitches do you have checked off your list right now?  Which ones aren’t on the list, but you’ve got them mastered? Check out Stitch Pro in each issue of Beadwork magazine to start and master all the stitches on your list.

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