How to Bead For Halloween!

Halloween is arguably my favorite holiday for the fun factor: watching my son get dressed up in his costume, carving pumpkins, and, of course, my favorite fall foods like roasted pumpkin seeds and apple cider donuts. But even if you don't dress up for Halloween, if you know how to bead, you can make some pretty cool Halloween-inspired beaded jewelry! Here are a few suggestions for how to bead for Halloween, along with some of my favorite Halloween beading supplies!

Tiny ceramic skull and teeth beads are great for getting into the Halloween spirit, and these little beauties can be found in The Crafty Bead Etsy shop, along with other ghoulish goodies like coffin beads, eyeball beads, ghost beads, and jack 'o' lantern beads!
Just because it's Halloween, that doesn't mean that you have to use skull and ghost beads. These wonderful black Lucite flowers from The Hole Bead Shop are dramatic all year long — and this particular Lucite flower bead comes apart into separate components that can be layered.
More skulls! Cabochons are a favorite jewelry making supply of mine, and I'm having a blast working up two new Halloween necklaces with these. The cowboy skull cabochon is from Bead Stalkers, and the ceramic three skulls cabochon is by Lisa Peters Art.
While I love the texture of the fish leather from Naturebeads, some of my friends have told me that it looks a little…well, creepy. Perfect for Halloween, right? The scaly texture of the fish leather, especially in green, looks like it could be alien skin!
Always appealing to my inner science fiction geek, the wonderful work of MAKUstudio works just as well at Halloween as it does the rest of the year for making cutting-edge beaded jewelry. Use your imagination — what kind of Halloween jewelry would you bead with this handmade ceramic cabochon?

Now, the "trick" to using all of these delightful Halloween treats is knowing how to bead, whether it's bead stringing, bead embroidery, off-loom bead-weaving, or maybe wire wrapping or even mixed media jewelry techniques like resin. And if you need some fresh ideas and fresh techniques for how to bead with some of these fun Halloween beading supplies, check out Beads, Baubles, and Jewels TV Series 1700 on DVD!

This newest season of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels includes dozens of new techniques for how to bead with your favorite beading supplies from the artists you love like Jean Campbell, Leslie Rogalski, Christi Friesen, and Katie Hacker. Pre-order your copy of Beads, Baubles, and Jewels TV Series 1700 and find out how to bead in new ways with these great beading and jewelry-making techniques!

Do you have a favorite beading supply for Halloween? Tell us what it is and where you got it, and leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog!

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