How Much Do You Know About Interweave's Beading Resources? Find Out With This Cool Easter Egg Hunt!

This weekend is Easter, and tomorrow night, I'll be writing up little clues for my six-year-old to hint at where his Easter baskets will be hidden all around the house on Sunday morning. I remember my parents doing this for me and my sister when we were little kids, so the tradition continues!

Even if there are no Easter baskets hidden around your house, you can still have an Easter egg hunt here on Beading Daily. We've sprinkled some Easter eggs all throughout the Beading Daily Shop — find one on the cover of a DVD, magazine, book, or eBook, and you can save up to 50% off! Ready for your clues?

Clue #1: Everything old is new again in this Best of Beadwork eBook.
Clue #2: I was a guest on this popular PBS jewelry-making show last autumn, demonstrating two different bead embroidery techniques.
Clue #3: This regular column from Beadwork magazine is also the name of a jewelry-making book that shows you how to make unique beaded jewelry.
Clue #4: In 2009, this popular special issue was first released. It included a huge collection of over three dozen beading projects from the pages of Beadwork magazine included my Back to Byzantium necklace.
Clue #5: The trendy style of jewelry demonstrated by Beadwork magazine's founding editor on this DVD blends Victorian romanticism with the edgy, industrial components.
Clue #6: In 2012, this Interweave jewelry magazine added one word to its title.
Clue #7: The 10 mixed media jewelry-making projects in this eBook all come from Interweave's mixed media jewelry special issue magazine!

Do you think you know the answers to these clues? Head on over to the Beading Daily Shop and search around for the resources I'm referring to in these clues. Add them to your shopping cart, and include the coupon code (valid for a limited time) and see the savings appear!

Have fun on our Easter egg hunt, and happy Easter!

Bead Happy,


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