How Do We Love Beaded Flowers? Let’s Count The Ways!


Floral designs and beaded flowers have always been a popular theme for bead artists, and it’s easy to understand why. Who can resist the colors and shapes of these natural beauties? Flowers translate to beautiful beaded jewelry designs so easily using your favorite bead-weaving stitches, so it’s no wonder that some of my favorite beading projects are made with beaded flowers.

Charlotte Hirschberger’s Gazinia Pendant is a recent favorite of mine from earlier this year in Beadwork magazine. This elegant beaded pendant is a highly stylized floral pendant that uses a creative array of seed beads, crystals, and pearls.

Diane Fitzgerald’s classic book on making stitched beaded flowers using needle and thread is still a favorite of mine, and her Floral Collage necklace showcases some of her best beaded flower designs in a striking neckpiece. These delicately detailed beaded flowers are the perfect introduction to stitching with needle and thread.

Linda Gettings’ White Picket Fence Bracelet is a joyful, playful expression of beaded flowers. This is one of those fabulous “everything but the kitchen sink” beading projects that lets you use up lots of leftover beads in one beautiful bracelet making project.

Beaded flowers have definitely evolved over the last few years, and in the hands of the very talented September Artist Of the Month Cindy Holsclaw, beaded flowers have taken on a whole new dimension – literally. Her geometric beaded flowers offer a new, modern twist on an old favorite. Using seed beads, shaped beads, and sparkling crystals, you can learn how to create delicate beaded blossoms using a variation of PRAW (prismatic right-angle weave). Learn how to stitch these stunning beaded blossoms with an exclusive bead kit and video download, available now in the Beading Daily Shop. But don’t wait – there are only 50 of these kits available, and they’re sure to sell out fast.

Do you have a favorite pattern for making beaded flowers? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share it with us!

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