Hot Photo Tip of the Day: Crop Your Photos to Get Maximum Detail

As we all know, taking great photos of your beadwork can be difficult even on a good day. If you sell your finished beadwork or beaded jewelry on Etsy or ArtFire, you know just how important good, detailed photographs are for making sales. When customers are viewing your work online, they can't pick up and touch your finished beadwork, so you have to be able to accurately represent your items for sale with great photographs.

One thing that many online sellers struggle with is getting clear close-up shots of their finished beadwork. But you don't have to hire a professional photographer or buy an expensive macro zoom lens for your camera to get great close-up photos of your beadwork.

First, you need to make sure that your photos are clearly focused when you take them. Some digital cameras have a little indicator light or beep when the shot is in focus, both of which can be very useful. When taking close-up photos of your beadwork, you should also make sure to use a tripod to reduce any shaking that can happen when holding your camera.

Second, if you use a program to edit your photos, you can do something simple to get more detail in your photos. Crop each picture!

This is the first picture I took of the right-angle weave pendant by Marcia DeCoster. This is the same picture, but cropped for detail. No zoom lens needed!

The first picture is the original, shot with my digital camera set on the macro setting. The only thing I did to it was lighten it a bit, since the room was a little dark when I shot it.

In the second picture, I cropped the background out and then re-sized the cropped photo down a bit. Take a look at the detail in the second photo! you can see each of those little tiny seed beads, right down to the facets in the tiny size 15 beads on the edges!

So which pendant would you buy?

Because each photo editing program is different, you should refer to the instructions for your particular program to find out how to crop and re-size your photos. If you would like some more great basic photography tips, check out my friend Liz Masoner's website all about photography!

Do you have a great tip for taking detailed photos? Leave a comment and share it on the blog!

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