Hot Hot Hot: Discover a Cool Deal on Cold Connections with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Kristal Wick
Kristal Wick
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If there's one thing I'm sure of in the jewelry-making world, it's that a great teacher can get you hopelessly hooked on a particular technique, style, or topic-and poof!-you're done. Your goose is totally cooked, and you're left chomping at the bit to spend every waking moment consumed by your newfound Pandora's box. I confidently declare myself an expert in this area, take one peek in my studio and you'll find dozens, no, possibly hundreds, of Pandora boxes filled with every jewelry-making trend, technique, and basically cool STUFF everywhere!

As a lifelong student, this is part of the ongoing creativity thrill; the delight of stepping into a new world of jewelry-making with a blank canvas, regardless of age or skill level, ready for splashes and splotches of the instructor's influence on my creativity. As a longtime teacher in the arts, my goal is to instill my students with that same thrill. I hope to provide inspiration that keeps you up way past your bedtime, night after night, filled with fun passion, and simply not wanting to stop! I secretly take great joy in seeking the dark rings under my student's eyes the day after one of my classes (shhhhhhh, don't tell). They tell me the story of being up half the night working on their new Pandora's box, always blaming me for the extra eye concealer and coffee needed that next day! I whisper to myself, "mission accomplished."

Susan Lenart Kazmer's metalwork has been a rather large Pandora's boxe since I took my first class eons ago and picked up my first flexible shaft. I enthusiastically bought all the goodies; rivets, wire, tubes, screws, etc., to make cold connections till the cows come home. Shortly after that, life got in the way, and a thin layer of dust settled on that Pandora's box, until I recently opened it with a blast of inspiration from Susan's Metalwork-Making Cold Connections with Rivets video download. I love the combination of taking a class and taking a piece of that inspiration home with me to play over and over again in my studio.

Making rivets with Susan is so much simpler than you might expect. When you see her finished jewelry masterpieces, you cannot imagine how they're done without the use of a magic wand! I'm here to tell you, she breaks down the steps and techniques so any feelings of intimidation melt away, such as my personal FSF (Flexible Shaft Fear), and you dive right in!

Susan thoroughly covers all the "riveting rules," as well as tips, tool discussions, and great close-up images so you can clearly see what she's doing. This DVD covers wire, screw, and tube riveting Susan's way. Once you've got those exciting techniques down, a whole new world opens up as you venture on to create "riveting" jewelry with possibilities that seemed much more difficult than they really are!

So, I invite you to open up a new Pandora's box with me and add Susan's cold connections to your jewelry-making world or any of the other fab video downloads with 20% off, for all you Beading Daily peeps.

Come bead with me!


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