Hope and Healing in the Beading Community

It’s been said that no man is an island. We weren’t created to be alone — it’s simply against human nature. Humans tend to function best when they’re part of a community, which by definition brings folks together, from all walks of life, around a specific commonality. It is with this in mind that we bring you the October/November 2017 issue of Beadwork — our twentieth-anniversary issue — which is all about community and, more specifically, the role that beading plays in building community.

Hope and Healing in the Beading Community

Strength and Friendship

In our Bead Buzz column, read about the hope and healing beading has brought to the women of a small village in Nepal after they lost their homes and loved ones in a devastating earthquake. Then check out another installment in our “Stories that Inspire” series to learn how a treasured friendship built around beads still thrives several years later and across many miles.

Hope and Healing in the Beading Community

Come Celebrate with us!

And you won’t want to miss our twentieth-anniversary celebration, where you’ll find our favorite covers, contests, and more through the years, plus former editors’ fondest memories from their stint at Beadwork!

Hope and Healing in the Beading Community

Irresistible Projects for Fall

But the October/November issue is about more than stories of community. Dig in to any one of the dozen bead-stitched projects, such as Agnieszka Watts’s feminine Autumn Sage necklace, which uses netting and picots to embellish sparkling rivolis. Or, for the seed bead aficionado, check out the Royal Countess Cuff by Regina Payne, with a peyote-stitched base of metallic beads embellished with shimmery crystals. And for a palette that’s perfect for any fall wardrobe, see the Southwest-inspired collection of Fast & Fabulous projects that can be made in an afternoon.

Whether you’ve been with Beadwork from the start or have just begun your bead-weaving journey, we’re happy to have you along for the ride — our growing community of readers, bead manufacturers, shops, and teachers make this craft so remarkable and enjoyable.

Debbie Blair, Editor

Hope and Healing in the Beading Community


Get everything you need to make Regina Payne’s sparkly bracelet from the October/November issue plus a BONUS pattern and materials for Cristie Prince’s Reign Drops Earrings when you buy the Royal Countess Cuff kit at interweave.com.

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