Holiday Jewelry, Family, and Handmade Gifts from Beadwork Editors

One thing I remember clearly from the holidays is my grandmother’s and my great-aunt’s holiday jewelry. These special ladies wore fancy Christmas tree pins, Christmas tree ornament pendants, and red and green sparkling earrings. I thought it was the most amazing jewelry someone could own.

As an adult, I’ve made holiday jewelry in the form of Christmas trees and candy-cane themed everything. Nothing as pretty or sparkly as my grandmother’s jewelry, but with the right vibe. More recently, I’ve been lost in holiday designs that are centered around family and things I make with my children—personalized ornaments, glass soap dishes, soap, and hand-sewn bags. Getting back to more specialized jewelry gifts this year, I have a few new holiday jewelry designs to make and maybe one to revisit.

Tammy’s Beaded Holiday Jewelry Picks

I have always loved the look of these large beaded beads by Judi Wood. The beads are strung on ribbon, but you could wear one on a cord, hang them as ornaments, use them to decorate wrapped packages, or all of the above!

Christmas Ornament beaded beads in blue and silver

Christmas Ornament beaded beads in blue and silver

These right-angle weave beaded beads make a statement. Right now, red and green gets my vote, but I could be easily swayed with this alternate colorway of blue and silver!

Aventurine in many colors dot this curved sterling silver curved bar necklace.

Aventurine in many colors dot this curved sterling silver curved bar necklace.

You can use any bead in this design, but the range of colors make this one easy to wear with anything. This aventurine necklace is something I made a while back and to my surprise, it was one my grandmother loved. To support my early jewelry-making business, she even purchased this design from me, along with the same design made with green pearls. She was very careful with how she spent her extra money, so this was truly an honor!

I’m feeling sentimental and really looking forward to celebrating the holidays with my family and to gifting new jewelry to my friends and loved ones. What will you be making this year?

Tammy Honaman
Editor, Beadwork magazine

Katie’s Festive Holiday Jewelry Designs

SuperDuo Spiral Bangle from Quick + Easy 2015

SuperDuo Spiral Bangle from Quick + Easy 2015

I’ve made many handmade jewelry gifts over the years. You can never go wrong with the gift of time and care with a side of stylish jewelry. Bangles make wonderful gifts. This SuperDuo Spiral Bangle appeals to me because it’s created by stitching tubular peyote-stitch and right-angle weave. The spiral pattern is achieved by the placement of different-colored SuperDuos, not by weaving challenging thread paths.

holiday beaded jewelry

Euclid’s Baubles Earrings from Quick + Easy 2017

Earrings make great gifts, because you don’t have to worry about the recipient’s size. They’re also a great way to practice something new, since they’re (almost) instant gratification. I love these Euclid’s Baubles Earrings because they’re quick to make and perfect for everyday wear.

When I’m working on holiday jewelry gifts and other projects where I’m following a pattern, I gather all of my supplies and put them on a tray. That way, I can bead while my family is watching movies together. Our favorites include Elf, Home Alone, and good old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Whichever beading projects you choose to make this holiday season, I hope you enjoy the time that you set aside to create them.

Happy beading,
Katie Hacker, Beadwork Interim Managing Editor

Make beaded holiday jewelry!

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