Holiday Beading Projects and Jewelry Making Dreams

Ah, it’s time to snuggle up by the tree with a fresh mug of hot chocolate and a candy cane. I’ve been going over my list and checking it twice and it looks like the work is (mostly) done. There are a few things I’m hoping to get in my stocking! And, there’s still time to shop for your favorite beading projects, books, and online classes in the Interweave Store. Here’s a sampling of a few of my favorite things:

maasai cuff

Maasai Cuff Bracelet

Global Style Jewelry

Anne Potter’s Global Style Jewelry eBook will start you off on the right foot this year. Her trendy designs are inspired by adventures around the world. Anne covers a wide variety of techniques from stringing to beadwork to chain maille, macrame and more. I keep the print version of this book on my shelf and flip through it when I need a dose of creativity. The photography is gorgeous and the designs are very wearable. Plus, Anne has a very nurturing approach to jewelry making that makes you feel like a friend is right there by your side as you bead. These days, I’m looking for beading books that teach me more than just how to make a project. Anne’s Global Style Jewelry is right at the top of my list.

beading projects

Beaded Barrel Pendant by Svetlana Chernitsky

Beaded Barrel Pendant

There’s a beading project for everyone in the shop, but this Beaded Barrel Pendant by Svetlana Chernitsky, found in Quick + Easy 2018 is just about my speed right now. A little bit of beadwork, a little bit of resin, string it on a chain and it’s ready to wear. I like the idea of experimenting with resin, but you could also leave the beaded tube as-is or bead around a cylindrical channel bead if you just want to get a similar look. The double chevron pattern is very on-trend. Read more about trendy chevrons in Fresh Beading Style: Chevrons. There are a lot of beading projects on sale in the Interweave Store, so now’s the time to purchase that intriguing pattern you’ve been pining for.

Woven shaped beads

Woven shaped beads samples by Melinda Barta

Beading with Shaped Beads

Explore a variety of bead shapes and bead-weaving techniques with Melinda Barta’s Beading with Shaped Beads Online Workshop! Melinda is a gifted instructor and pro beader who will lead you through a variety of embellishments and unique effects using SuperDuos, Tilas, Bricks, spikes, peanuts, and more. She’ll also review your favorite bead stitches such as peyote stitch, herringbone, and right-angle weave, with tips and suggestions to make your beadwork shine. As with any of the online workshops, participants in the class have access to the discussion board. It’s a great way to interact with other users in the course. It’s an open forum for you to ask questions, share your thoughts, express your inspirations, and share images of your work. This is an amazing way to take a class with an instructor who doesn’t teach in your local area. Purchase your class now and mark out some time on your calendar as a promise to yourself. You’ll be glad you did!

beading projects

Fast & Fabulous Southwest Jewelry Pattern Pack

I’ve always loved Southwestern style and moving to Arizona has made me love it even more! So, this pattern pack from the October/November 2017 issue of Beadwork caught my eye. The Fast & Fabulous Southwest Jewelry Pattern Pack is a colorful way to kickstart your beading style. I’m especially drawn to the tassel necklaces and the creative combinations of leather, chain, and wire wrapping. There are a few different Fast & Fabulous pattern packs in the shop, each with a different theme. Just search Fast & Fabulous to see the range. If you want some bright ideas for quick makes, these pattern packs are perfect for you. The projects are stylish, wearable, and don’t require a huge commitment of time or money.

Katie Hacker

Katie Hacker on the set of Beads, Baubles & Jewels

Beads, Baubles & Jewels TV Series 2600 DVD

Join me and your favorite jewelry makers in your living room or beading studio with 13 episodes of beading bliss on the Beads, Baubles & Jewels TV Series 2600 series. We have a fresh, new look! We cover a wide variety of techniques including biweekly beading instruction from Beadwork editor Tammy Honaman; a lampwork hollow glass bead making demonstration with bead artist Aja Vaz; Art Clay Silver inspiration with Jackie Truty; and much more. A lot of viewers have told me that the show is relaxing to watch–I’m glad! The Series 2600 DVD is the perfect way to binge-watch the entire series or go back and watch your favorite episodes again and again.

Whether you feel inspired by global adventures or want to stay home and watch your favorite instructors in your jammies, I hope you have a rejuvenating holiday season. It’s a great time to plot your creative adventures for next year. I hope this round-up of some of my favorite books, projects, online workshops, and videos start your wheels turning. They’re all on sale, so go ahead and treat yourself!

Happy shopping,
Katie Hacker
Interim Managing Editor of Beadwork and host of Beads, Baubles & Jewels

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