Hip Shade of Pink Taking Design Community By Storm

Pinks and purples are among my favorite colors, so when I heard a podcast recently about "sheer rose" being the hot color of 2013, my ears pricked up. The podcast was from Planet Money, a radio program about what's going on in the global economy, so I wasn't expecting to be hearing about anything fashion or art related.

The Planet Money folks have been conducting a fiscal experiment to design and create their own t-shirt—all the way from the source for the cotton to the factory that makes it to the actual selling and distributing of the shirt. This episode of the podcast provided the background information about how they chose the color for the ladies' version of their t-shirt. To make a long story short (you can listen to the 17-minute Planet Money podcast if you want the full story), the t-shirt's color was inspired by a 1969 Frank Stella painting titled Tahkt-I-Sulayman Variation II, part of Stella's Protractor Series of paintings—multicolored concentric semi- and quarter circles arranged in boxes. Frank Stella is considered by the fashion industry to be a key artist of 2013. Here's a thumbnail of the painting:

So how did Stella and his 1960s paintings come to the forefront now? According to the people at the trend-forecasting companies that Planet Money interviewed, the violet shade of pink known as sheer rose and featured in Stella's paining has been working its way into our collective subconscious and conscious minds for the last couple of years.

It started with a new museum being built in Abu Dhabi and opening in 2015. The Louvre Abu Dhabi's fantastical architecture, along with the art it plans to display, is drawing worldwide attention from the design, art, and fashion communities. Stella's work will be on display, along with works from many other famous artists.

Creative directors of apparel companies, fashion houses, and fashion magazines are constantly on the lookout for the next new thing. Which museums are displaying big retrospectives? Which artists are coming back into style? For the last several years, Frank Stella has been hot, most likely because of Louvre Abu Dhabi's attention on his work. Upscale designers have been using shapes and colors from his paintings in clothes they design. Trend forecasters have been mentioning his work, which then showed up in briefing books at mass-market apparel companies and eventually made its way into "Spring 2013 Jockey International," a clothing-company catalog listing key artists of 2013. There Stella is, on the same page as paintings by Seurat, and there it is, sheer rose, in the Stella painting. Jockey International, the apparel company that Planet Money partnered with for its t-shirt project, has its finger on the pulse of "color hotness" and thus suggested sheer rose for Planet Money's shirt.

So there you have it—how sheer rose became the hip color for 2013 (notwithstanding Pantone's emerald green color of the year).

Has sheer rose worked its way into the beading community's consciousness? Looking at the most recent few issues of Beadwork, I'd say it has! Beadwork has many gorgeous jewelry projects that feature shades of sheer rose, and I show a few here. You can find instructions for these projects in your Beadwork back-issue library, or go to our online store to order print or digital individual issues. I've included links to each issue's print and digital ordering page for your convenience.

Do you already use this shade of pink in your work? Are you inspired to try out sheer rose? Tell us in the Comments section below.

Double Diamondback Bracelet, Beadwork JunJul 2013 Radiant Wheel Pendant,Beadwork, JunJul 2013
Double Diamondback Bracelet, Alice Coelho, June/July 2013 – the rose colorway. Instructions are for the green colorway. To make the rose colorway, substitute these beads: 5 g galvanized silver size 15° seed beads (A); 9 g matte rose size 11° cylinder beads (B); 20 light rose 4mm crystal bicones (C). Radiant Wheel Pendant, Sabine Lippert – June/July 2013
Aurora Pendant Necklace, Beadwork AprMay 2013 Xs and Os Bracelet, Beadwork, AprMay 2013
Aurora Pendant Necklace, Miriam Shimon, June/July 2013 Xs and Os Bracelet, Maria Teresa Moran, April/May 2013
Rosebud Rivolis, FebMar 2013  
Rosebud Rivolis, Sabine Lippert, February/March 2013  

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 ~Linda Harty, associate editor, Beadwork

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