Help Fund The Beaded Body Project on Kickstarter

Working on the cutting edge of beaded art, bead artist Darcy Horn is now trying to raise funds for her latest large-scale project, The Beaded Body.

During a visit to Albuquerque in 1998, she started learning off-loom bead-weaving, and she says she hasn't put her needle down since. She started her business, The Jade Dog, thirteen years ago, and was finally able to quit her job in 2010 to be a full-time artist.

Last year, Darcy was commissioned to create a work for a fundraiser for the North American Spine Society. She was given a full-sized spine model to use as the base of the work, and used freeform peyote and brick stitch to cover the spine. That's when she got the idea to bead a full-size human form.

Darcy is hoping that The Beaded Body will evolve into a series of large-scale beaded works of art, using the color wheel to select her color palettes for the first group of three forms. For The Beaded Body, she decided to use a red-blue-purple color palette because she was so intrigued by the election map, with the red and blue blocking, and then later when she saw the county election maps that made the country map virtually purple.

But taking on a large-scale project like this requires a significant amount of capital, something that's hard to come by for many artists. So that's where Kickstarter comes in. This funding platform for creative projects allows independent artists to raise funds for their artistic visions, and many of her friends have used it with great success.

The Beaded Body is unlike any other project currently listed on Kickstarter, and you can donate as little as one dollar to the effort. (But remember that every little bit counts!) If the project doesn't reach its goal before the deadline, then none of the pledges are charged. Without the financial backing, Darcy isn't sure if she'll go ahead with the project, like she would if she were to be accountable to her investors.

The deadline for donating to The Beaded Body is December 22, 2012, so if you're interested in supporting Darcy and her work, head on over to The Beaded Body on Kickstarter and check it out!

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