Hello, Fall! Ideas and Tutorials for Beaded Leaves

What’s not to love about fall in the Adirondacks? We get all of my favorite cool-weather things like fresh apple cider and cider donuts, pumpkins, crisp weather, soup, and snuggly socks, but without the harsh winter storms. Once the leaves in the forests along my favorite trails here in upstate New York start turning bright colors of yellow, orange, and red, I start finding inspiration to make all kinds of beaded leaves using my favorite off-loom bead-weaving stitches.

I first discovered beaded leaves in the form of Russian leaves made with peyote stitch, and later with St. Petersburg chain. After that, I discovered how much fun it was to make beaded leaves using leaf fringe, and that set me off on a beading binge to make as many intricately fringed necklaces as I could.

Why are beaded leaves so much fun to make? I have no idea. But they are. Whether you make your beaded leaves as accents to highlight beaded flowers or other nature-inspired beaded jewelry designs, or you want your beaded leaves to take center stage, here are a few great beaded leaf tutorials for you to try.

1. Leaf fringe. Try this short and sweet beaded leaf fringe suggestion from Jean Campbell. Once you have the basic pattern down, try varying the size of your leaves within each strand of fringe for more visual appeal. You can also use tiny gemstones at the tip of each beaded leaf, add some plain branched fringe for more texture…it’s an easy, fun technique!

2. Beaded leaf chains. I love all the ways you can use Hazel Furst’s Turning An Old Leaf beaded chain. Not only does this tutorial make beautifully simple autumn-themed beaded bracelets and delicate beaded necklaces, but you can also use this beaded leaf chain to add texture and interest to your bead embroidery projects.

3. Beaded leaves made with St. Petersburg Chain. I wrote this free tutorial for beaded leaves using St. Petersburg chain a long, long time ago, but they’re still so much fun to make! I still refer to this tutorial when I want to brush up on my St. Petersburg chain, and because these leaves work up so fast, they make great accents for earrings or necklaces.

4. Beaded leaves made with peyote stitch. And don’t forget about everybody’s favorite bead-weaving stitch – beaded leaves can be made quickly using a simple peyote stitch technique. These beaded leaves are a great introduction to making shaped peyote stitch using a simple increasing technique, and they look great with both cylinder beads and round seed beads.


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