Helen Driggs Shares More Jewelry Making Insights

Here's more of my chat with Helen Driggs, Senior Editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Q: What's your fave project in the upcoming April issue?

A: I have to pick the Sagenite Pendant by Roger Halas. I love purple, and those notched bezels he did are just fantastic. Plus he did both the metalwork and the lapidary work, so he's a man after my own heart, as I work with both metal and stone too.


Q: Any interesting and exciting trends going on out there right now?

A: I saw lots of wood and metal jewelry in Tucson. And the nature/bird/leaf thing is really going strong too. Also, copper and bronze continue to Trend really hard right now.

Q: Can you give us the inside scoop on what you're creating in your private studio?

A: Right now I am doing a self-imposed "Masters Thesis". I can't afford the time or money to get a graduate degree, but I am creating a series of metal and stone pieces to explore several themes and techniques I want to concentrate on. My bench is covered with sketches, stones and some metal samples right now, plus all of my tools and leftover kits from BeadFest Santa Fe, where I recently taught 2 workshops. The studio's a wreck!

Q: If you could collaborate with any other contemporary designer out there, who would it be and why?

A: No contest – Michael Boyd or Peter Schmidt. I adore Michael, and I did an apprenticeship with him this past summer. So, we already did a sort of "collaborative" piece or three, but I would leap at the opportunity to study at Atelier Zobel in Germany. The German goldsmiths are producing, in my opinion, the most incredible metalwork at this moment.

Q: If you could take a single class from any artist teacher (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

A: Again, that's easy – John Paul Miller. He is my number one jewelry hero. His work is incredible, and he has discovered how to granulate gold using the Etruscan method of fusing, which was thought to be lost.

Thanks Helen for giving us a sneak peek at April's Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and a little tidbit of what you're working on in your personal studio. It's always fun to chat with other jewelry making artists about their creations, don't you agree?

The best is yet to bead!




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