Healing Beads: The Special Meanings of Gemstones


Healing Beads

After experiencing a frustrating year of health concerns, doctors, and hospitals in 2007, I started seeing a naturopath. I'd never been to a natural healer and can't claim I welcomed Diane into my life without a big dose of skepticism. But as I have since seen results (restless legs abated! digestion quieted! back surgery cancelled! pounds lost!), I'm not going to question how or why.

In gratitude for Diane's treatment, I sat down this weekend to make her a bead-embroidered pin. I've never been too sure about the claim that gemstones have healing properties, but I'm pretty sure Diane is, so I thought I'd make the effort to use stones that she might enjoy having around her. Hawk's eye for vision; lapis lazuli for intuition; turquoise for overall good juju.

Diane's Pin 

While making the pin, I found myself truly appreciating everything she's done for me the last few months. With each stitch, I reflected on her bright face, encouraging comments, and intuitive observations. It was like she was sitting right next to me. And you know what? I found myself filled with great energy. Could it have been the right combination of gemstones? Maybe. But I know it was mostly from the beading itself. The meditative quality of beading makes it simple to evoke that feeling.

You know that the Anglo-Saxon word "bede" means prayer, right? I think it makes perfect sense, don't you? Beading allows us to get into that zone. For me, even though I might have a filled to-do list, a sassy nine-year-old, or a hive-producing liver-cleanse on my mind, as soon as I pick up the beads I get drawn back into the zone. Beading brings calm and quiet. And I tell you, when it's a gift I'm beading, the joy of "being" with the giftee is like an extra cherry on the meditation sundae.

I hope Diane likes my gift. I know I already got as much out of it as she will.

Healing Stones

There's a long history of belief in the healing qualities of gemstones. Native Americans used them for prayer and healing, and Chinese health practitioners have used them for thousands of years. I know I feel a tingly healing quality just when I run my fingers through my gemstone stash! In any case, there are long lists of properties ascribed to our little rock buddies. A quick Web search under "healing stones" will give you the big picture. To whet your appetite, here's a very brief list of the stones common to many of our "stashi" with a one-word quality:

Amazonite: prosperity
Crystal quartz: harmony
Jasper: grounding
Lapis lazuli: intuition
Onyx: balance
Pearl: purity
Peridot: health and wealth
Rhodochrosite: love
Serpentine: clarity
Sodalite: wisdom
Tourmaline: strength
Turquoise: peace


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