Have You Tried Using Crystal Cup Chain Yet?

One of the hottest trends in jewelry-making is the use of crystal cup chain. Hundreds of tiny crystals all secured in connected bezels make this fabulous jewelry-making component as versatile as it is affordable. Author and jewelry artist Lorelei Eurto (author of Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry) has created this funky wrap bracelet using crystal cup chain and a couple of sparkling crystal chatons. Bring a little bling to your next bracelet making party when you sport this stylish wrap bracelet!

Nunn Design Supplies:

  • 1 Channel Bead Large – Antique Silver
  • 2 Channel Bead Small – Antique Gold
  • 4 Jump ring Large Rope – Antique Gold
  • 2 Brass Stamping Mini Star
  • 2 Turquoise Crystal Chatons
  • 16 inches Rhinestone cup chain 18ss – Antique Gold
  • 1 Hook & Eye Clasp Set – Antique Gold

Other Supplies:

  • 16 inches 4mm brown leather cord
  • 8 inches brass wire, 20 gauge
  • 20 seed beads, size 6, opaque teal
  • 30 inches 4-ply waxed linen cording


  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Scissors

Step-by-step Instructions

Mix Crystal Clay as per instructions. Cover the large spool bead with a generous layer of clay.
Gently press 4 closed jump rings into the clay on all four sides. Press 2 star components into the clay in the center of the 2 jump rings. Press 2 turquoise chatons into the clay in the center of the other 2 jump rings. Set aside to allow clay to dry completely.
String 10 seed beads onto a 6 inch section of waxed linen cording. Wrap the beaded section around 1 small spool bead. Tie a double overhand knot and trim excess cording. Repeat for the second small spool bead.
Form a stop on the leather using waxed linen cording. Take a 9 inch section of cording, tie and overhand knot around the leather, and leave a 1-2 inch tail. Place the knot approximately 4 inches from one end of the leather. Wrap the cording around the leather tightly, about 9 or 10 times. Tie the two tails into a double overhand knot, and trim excess cording with flush cutters or scissors.
String on one small spool beaded bead, the focal bead, and one small spool beaded bead, pushing them up against the stop you made with the waxed linen cord. Make another stop with another section of waxed linen cord to hold the beads in place.
Cut the cup chain into two sections. One section should be measured against the leather so that the cup chain is about 1/2 inch from the end of the leather. Using the waxed linen cording, tie an overhand knot around the first rhinestone on the chain, and around the leather cording. Hold the tail of the cording against the leather, and start wrapping the cording around the leather, the tail of the linen cord, and the cup chain. Wrap the cording twice between each rhinestone chain.
At the end, tie a double overhand knot around the last rhinestone and trim the excess cording. Repeat with the other half of the cup chain.
Cut the 20 gauge wire in half. Using one piece, bend one end of the wire around the round nose pliers forming a "U" at about 1 inch from the end. Holding the bend tightly at the end of the leather, begin wrapping the longer wire tail around the shorter tail and the leather cord, about 6 times.
Trim the short tail of wire with the flush cutters. Tuck the wrapped end in with chain nose pliers. Repeat with the remaining wire at the other end of the bracelet.
Open the loop on the hook end of the clasp and attach it to the wire on one end. Open the eye end of the clasp and attach it to the wire on the other end. The finished bracelet will wrap twice around your wrist.

I love the leather and waxed linen cord in this project, but it's really the crystals that make it pop. Who knew that crystals could be so sparkly but so subtle?

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Bead Happy,


Lorelei Eurto is a jewelry artist from upstate New York. You can find out more about her, and see more of her jewelry designs on her blog, Inside the Studio, or check out her website for jewelry-making supplies, handmade components, and finished jewelry.

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