Have You Tried Peyote Stitch with Twin Beads Yet?

There's nothing like 650 grams of free Twin beads to get your creativity going, right? Well, last week, I was notified that I was one of four winners of the Preciosa Ornela Beads for Blog Post promotion, and they sent me a box containing 1,000 grams of Czech beads, including thirteen colors of Twin beads, a bag of pearlized pressed Czech glass, seed beads, and peanut beads!

I was so anxious to start playing with my new beads that I thought a good place to start would be working up peyote stitch in all of my favorite variations. Have you been looking for ways to start working with Twin beads? Start here!

I started with some good old even-count flat peyote stitch. When stitching the first row in flat peyote stitch using the Twin seed beads, you'll need to make sure that you flip the beads in the first row down so that you're going through the correct hole. The subsequent rows in flat peyote stitch are easy to do, and I love the brick-like look of the stitch using the Twins.
Flat circular peyote stitch makes a beautiful medallion when worked with Twins! What got me about this variation of peyote stitch are the lovely feathery leaves that seemed to sprout after each round. I can see this turning into a series of lovely focal medallions, accented with seed beads, and connected with some kind of chain.
Finally, I thought I'd try some tubular peyote stitch with the Twins. This was probably my least favorite peyote stitch experiment with the Twins. While I loved the feel of the tubular peyote rope (I used 8 beads for my initial ring), I felt like I just saw too much thread between the beads, and I didn't like the way the holes showed through. That, however, might be fixed with the addition of some tiny 15o seed beads between the Twins.


Give it a try! Sometimes, I think the best way to learn the mechanics of a bead-weaving stitch is to use a seed bead with an unusual shape like the Twins. It certainly got my creativity flowing that morning, and now I'm eager to experiment more with Twin beads in beaded ropes. (You can also check out the free beading project over in our Member Free Beading Project Gallery from bead artist Nancy Dale that uses Twin beads in a twisted herringbone rope!)

Big Sky Bracelets by Melinda Barta from Mastering Peyote Stitch

If you're looking for some fresh, innovative, and beautiful peyote stitch projects to spice up your beadwork, you definitely don't want to miss Melinda Barta's Mastering Peyote Stitch. With fabulous peyote stitch projects designed by Beadwork magazine editor Melinda Barta and some of your favorite bead artists like Sherry Serafini, Jean Campbell, and Carole Ohl, you're sure to find something to challenge and inspire you. Better yet, if you just can't wait to start beading, Mastering Peyote Stitch is also available as an instant download! All the same great content as the print version, but available for viewing on your desktop or laptop computer in just minutes!

Have you discovered something amazing while playing with your seed beads and your favorite bead-weaving stitch? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your experiences with us!

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