Have a Bead Retreat Right At Home!

While I love attending Bead Fest Philadelphia and the Tucson bead shows, it’s not always practical or affordable for me to travel so I can take beading classes with some of my favorite teachers. Thankfully, I’ve discovered the beauty of learning how to bead with videos, and it’s the next best thing to taking a class with a real, live teacher!

Another reason I love learning from videos is that while I love to travel and spend time with my friends, I’m a homebody at heart. Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to shut out the distractions of the world around me, settle in with my comfy sweatpants and a cup of hot chocolate, and have a little mini bead retreat right at home.

If you have a little extra time this holiday season (or shortly thereafter) to have your own at-home bead retreat, check out five of my favorite beading videos from some of my favorite artists and instructors!

Jean Campbell’s Best Beading Workshops: Floral Designs. Since I made my first beaded flower out of beaded netting and peyote stitch, I’ve been a sucker for beaded floral designs. I don’t know what it is about them that hooks me, but they’re just so pretty! Maybe it’s because I live in a place where spring and summer are so short, and the real flowers aren’t out for very long, but stitching up beaded jewelry with beautiful beaded flowers is something I will always love to do.
Bead Stitching Chevron Chain with Melanie Potter. Learning a new beading stitch is always an exciting part of traveling to a bead show, and chevron chain is one of my new favorite stitches for experimenting and designing. It’s great for making beaded bezels, and even better for making the base of an embellished necklace or bracelet. This video with Designer Of the Year Melanie Potter shows you everything you need to know to get started designing your own projects using chevron chain!
Bead Stitching Pentagons with Jean Power. I never thought that stitching geometric beadwork could be so much fun! Once I got hooked on making simple peyote stitch triangles of all kinds, I wanted to learn more — and this video with Designer Of the Year Jean Power was perfect to take my geometric shaped beadwork up a notch.
Beaded Ropes with Jill Wiseman. What’s not to love about beaded ropes? They can be used to hang a pretty beaded pendant, or as a stand-alone beaded necklace or bracelet! And if you’ve never had the opportunity to take a class in person with bead artist Jill Wiseman, this video is the next best thing to sitting in her classroom at Bead Fest Philadelphia.
Right-Angle Weave Fundamentals with Marcia DeCoster. Right-angle weave is one bead-weaving stitch that every beader should know. Whether you use it to design a beaded rope, a beaded bezel, or the base for an embellished necklace or bracelet, once you work through the techniques and tips in this must-have instructional video, you’ll see why beaders everywhere love right-angle weave.

Ready to have your own at-home bead retreat? Or maybe one of these techniques is on your list of beading resolutions for 2015! All of these video downloads are 60% off for a limited time! Download your favorites now, and enjoy the convenience of watching and learning new beading projects and techniques any time you want.

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