Happy Thanksgiving from Beading Daily

Happy Thanksgiving from Beading Daily!

Why am I thankful for the members of Beading Daily? Great emails and blog comments, beautiful photos of your projects, helpful tips and suggestions . . . I couldn't do Beading Daily without you! Thank you for helping to spread the beading joy!

Check out our video holiday card and see a few of the friendly faces (and excellent cooks!) behind the scenes of Beading Daily.

Thought for Today

The author of the Simple Things blog lists three small things that she enjoys each day. Here's one entry I could definitely relate to:

"Buying new beads. These are faceted glass, lovely shades of aqua and green, with silvered ends. There is such potential in a string of beads: who knows what they will be made into or who will be decorated by wearing them?"

Above: 1,000 Wishes Fairy by Cynthia Thornton. With a traditional wishbone, you only get one wish. Aren't we lucky that with beads we get more?

Just for Fun

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if it were beaded? (Come on, admit it! You're among friends here!)

I played with Bead Art using a photo of my Dragonfly Pin. This is not one of those serious bead programs for graphing beadwork–this is just for fun. You can upload any photos you like and see what they look like beaded. The files are huge, so I've cropped them and only shown you the left-hand corner with the dragonfly's head. Warning: this is seriously addictive!



After (version 1)

After (version 2)

Coming This Week: There will be no Beading Daily email Thursday or Friday because of the Thanksgiving holiday. See you Monday!

New Poll: Will you be making any beaded gifts this year?

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. She will be beading and eating at her kitchen table this weekend–hopefully not at the same time!

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