The Hands-Down Best-Ever Beading Board

When I became Beadwork’s managing editor and started beading, I snagged a nice wooden beading board from our supply closet. However, we often needed the board for a video shoot or photo shoot. I soon resorted to beading on a piece of Vellux blanket, and I got quite used to having my beads roll all over the place. Usually they’d roll onto my desk, where they would then bounce onto the floor and get lost in the carpet. I’m sure our office janitors thought I tracked through the sandbox every morning before coming to work. (The noise when they vacuumed under my desk must have been incredible!)
The Hands-Down Best-Ever Beading Board

Luckily, we partnered with Bead On It a while back to create a custom Beadwork beading board. As a staff member, I was able to commandeer one of the first prototypes. And let me tell you, that little board has changed my life! Beadwork’s Bead On It Board is available in the Beading Essentials Kit, or separately here.
The Hands-Down Best-Ever Beading Board

What I love most about this board is that its bumpers keep my beads from ending up all over the floor. This is especially helpful when I’m sliding things around on my desk, moving my beading aside to do actual — ahem — work. The board’s bumpers double as a pin cushion. I can stick several needles in there and always have spares in multiple sizes. I also love the board’s compact size. At 6×11″, it’s perfect for carrying to meetings. But it’s still big enough to hold all my materials for a single project.

The Hands-Down Best-Ever Beading Board

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If you’ve never used a Bead On It Board, you won’t believe how easily seed beads practically jump onto your needle. Watch this video to see the magic for yourself!

Hands-down, this is the best beading board I’ve ever used. And it’s cute, too! What more could you want?

Happy beading!
Lavon Peters
Managing Editor, Beadwork magazine

Get the Beading Essentials Kit or the Beadwork Bead On It Board in the Interweave Store:


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