Wear Your Handmade Party Jewelry and Sparkle On

Santa’s workshop (aka my studio space) gets a bit messier and sparklier once the leaves drop. There are gifts to make, jewelry to sell, and usually a party or two to attend, where I like to have new party jewelry to wear. And, let’s not forget New Year’s Eve! Even if you stay in, and even if you watch the ball drop in your PJs, it doesn’t hurt to don a little sparkle when you ring in the new year ahead.

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To follow are designs perfect for New Year’s Eve and so you can sparkle all year long.

Sugar Plum Fairies

Sugar Plum Petticoats Project by Kerry Bogert

Sugar Plum Petticoats by Kerry Bogert

“While visions of sugar plums dance in my head, I like to imagine a gathering of little fairies making ready for a holiday party. No doubt, one would be sporting this sparkly number. Can you picture her twirling under the twinkle lights? The recycled sari silk cording used as the tie back makes this adjustable in length to match any neckline.” Kerry Bogert

Crystals Sparkle!

Crystals delight in any combination! They sparkle. They shine. And they make you feel pretty. Crystal Delights bracelet, by Karen Keegan, is a beautiful combination of shapes, colors, and metal. It’s simply strung, but the top-drilled bicones bring unexpected texture that makes this bracelet simply eye-catching party jewelry.

Eye of the Hurricane

Playing flute from 4th grade through high school, when I see this design, I’m reminded of playing in school holiday concerts. The shape is reminiscent of a hurricane, sure, but I see treble clef! I love how the heavy-gauge wire forms the shape, then the fine wires weave in and around to help define the curves and secure even MORE crystals!

Bobbi Maw really intended this to represent the strong and powerful hurricanes she’s familiar with in Florida. She shares the following on the materials and design: “This project uses a large crystal in a ‘sew-on’ setting, but since not everyone has access to those, you could also use a coin bead or plain round beads. It’s also easily adaptable from a vertical pendant to a horizontal focal and even to a focal/clasp on a bracelet.”

Sparkling Affair

Silver Tie Affair by Glorianne Ljubi party jewelry

Silver Tie Affair by Glorianne Ljubi

Not only sparkling, this necklace is the key to dressing up any outfit for that next special occasion. Made with a few fun stitches: right-angle weave, peyote, herringbone and picot, this party jewelry design is an elegant and feminine answer to the classic bow tie.

Party Jewelry Fit for a Queen

Lady Diana Necklace by Cristie Prince party jewelry

Lady Diana Necklace by Cristie Prince

Designs fit for a queen should certainly do for a fancy New Year’s Eve celebration or holiday party, don’t you agree? Cristie Prince’s designs were inspired by the Royals’ professionally crafted jewelry, and she shares all the instructions you need to weave your favorite today.

Princess Charlotte bracelet by Cristie Prince

Princess Charlotte bracelet by Cristie Prince

My eye always lingers on the Princess Charlotte bracelet. Using right-angle weave, Cristie combines dark blue iris size 15° Japanese charlottes, silver permanent-finish size 11° seed beads, silver permanent-finish size 8° seed beads, white 4mm glass pearl rounds, peacock 2mm fire-polished rounds, and silver 3x6mm Infinity beads, to create this stunning project.

Right-Angle Weave the Day Away

Crystal Cuff by Nancy Zellers party jewelry

Crystal Cuff by Nancy Zellers

Right-angle weave plays part in many of the designs I’ve chosen. Looks like right-angle weave is one of Nancy Zellers favorite, too! This cuff is chock-full of crystals and is a great foray into the stitch.

Crystals and Sparkle

Crystals Squares Bracelet by Eleonore Pieper party jewelry

Crystals Squares Bracelet by Eleonore Pieper

“Square windows, left open or embellished with clear crystals, are made using a combination of one- and three-drop flat peyote stitch in this contemporary cuff.”

Negative space draws the viewer in—add in crystals and it’s like a neon sign. I can imagine this design in so many colorways: blue with clear crystals, or aqua(!); green with gold crystals, black with crystal silver, and so many other combinations!

Get More Party Jewelry Designs

Still on the sparkling mission? Here are a few free jewelry-making projects, chock-full of Swarovski crystals:

No matter if you’re using wire, thread, or metal—sparkle works for the holidays and every day. Have fun choosing your next favorite design to work on then enjoy wearing it at your next event!

Tammy Honaman
Editor, Beadwork magazine

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